Halal Certified

Halal-certified instant noodle! Spicy beef noodle from SamYang food Korea.

Fresh dairy products made as Halal! Nakahora Farm made great sweets for Muslims.

Visiting “Turkey” in Japan? Tokyo Camii lets you not only to pray but also other Muslim necessities!

Melting Halal hamburger steak at Shibuya! Kiwamiya at PARCO is a must-try!

Halal hamburgers at Asakusa! Juicy and luxurious hamburger experience at LUXE BURGERS!

Halal Japanese souvenir at Asakusa! Masudaen treats everyone with their great Green Tea.

Freshly fried sweet Tendon for only 1,200 yen, Itsuki Ginza offers Halal Japanese cuisine.

Newly opened Ramen restaurant Gyumon, Asakusa! Luxurious Halal ramen experience.

Asakusa’s snack Kaminari Okoshi from Tokiwado, Halal certified!

Halal certified Mochi! Koeido has great choice for Muslims.

What is KALDI? The most convenience grocery shop with Halal goods!

Instant Cup “Rice”?! Try this incredible Halal rice from Onishi, no matter where you are!

Need something Halal right now? Buy this cracker from Nabisco, Ritz!

Halal-certified restaurant Sojibo, enjoy the last meal at Kansai Airport!

Halal-certified Instant noodle available in Japan, Buldak Ramen from SamYang foods!

Real Halal-certified Japanese food at Osaka, Naniwaya!

Is Pringles in Japan Halal? Yes, it is the safest chips for Muslims!

Furano Halal Travel Guide for Muslims!

Hokkaido to the world, Yotsuba Milk Products got Halal certificate. Which ones are Halal?

Hydrangea Temple in Kamakura with Halal gourmet!

Halal certified Oden from hanoji, Shizuoka! To enjoy the dining experience together.

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Japanese Halal groceries that you have to buy at Gyomu super!

Pakistan in Saitama? “Yashiostan” is a hot place for Muslims!

The only Halal-certified hotel in Okinawa, Yugafuin!

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Halal-certified restaurant in Nagoya, Happy Karaage 178!