Furano Halal Travel Guide for Muslims!

The land of flower.

Hokkaido is one of the most touristic destinations in Japan. There are four distinctive seasons, but the most beautiful and popular season is early summer, around June to July, because of flowers that will surely amaze you. Furano, a destination 2 hours away from Sapporo, is absolutely mesmerizing because of their purple lavenders.

This article is for those of you who would like to know how to enjoy Furano with amazing gourmet there! Even though you are not traveling to Furano in the season of lavender, you may find some hints how you can enjoy your vacation better.

You can check Halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants in this article.

Why is there a lavender field in Hokkaido?

The very first seed of lavender was imported to Japan in 1937 from France. It was because people wanted to grow and harvest lavender to produce oil, which can be made into cosmetics. The investigation has proved that the climate in Hokkaido is the best for lavender.

But why Furano? That is because there was still World War 2 going on when lavender business started, so they had to avoid big cities. Thanks to the subsidies from Furano city, the industry became more flourished, and the industry became what represents the city.

When is the best time to visit Furano lavender?

Lavender starts blooming from end of June, but it comes to full bloom in mid to end of July. Lavenders are planted carefully to disperse their timing of full bloom to make it enjoyable as long as possible. When you visit at the very best time of the year, you may also enjoy the carpet of colorful flowers, too.

As it is the best time of the year in Hokkaido, what you have to know is that hotels and road are fully crowded. There is almost no public transportation, so people will be driving to Furano through mountains from Sapporo or Asahikawa, which cause heavy traffic. Careful planning is required, especially if you have any dietary requests or taking your kids or elderlies with you.

Shikisai no Oka and Blue Pond are also nearby.

What’s available around Furano for Muslim travelers?

Campana Rokkatei (カンパーナ六花亭)

Rokkatei is a famous Hokkaido brand, whose most famous souvenir Raisin Sand cannot be very Muslim-friendly as it contains liquor. Campana Rokkatei, however, is a cafe that is located in Furano city where you can enjoy limited sweets that can be Muslim-friendly!

Furano Mochi (ふらの餅) is a Japanese traditional sweet with red bean paste from Hokkaido, and it is served straight after it is baked. Having this special sweet right in front of Daisetsuzan mountains and vineyards, the taste will be a lot better. Price is 120 yen.

Credit: https://www.rokkatei.co.jp/facilities/

Address: Campana Rokkatei Shimizuyama, Furano, Hokkaido 北海道富良野市清水山
Tel: 0167-39-0006
Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 4:30: p.m., last order at 4:00 p.m.

Santa no Hige (サンタのヒゲ)

This is probably one of the must-dos in Furano. Furano melon with Soft ice cream! As you may know, Furano is a city of melon, and they are harvested around the same time as lavenders. With rich and tasty dairy products from Hokkaido, their melon and soft ice cream is just different from other products, and this is the taste which you can only enjoy in Hokkaido.

The only concern for soft ice cream is emulsifier. We have confirmed if it is plant or animal-derived with the shop, and we were told that it is plant-based, which can be consumed by Muslims without being worried!

Credit: http://popurafarm.com/

Address: Hotel La Terre Kita 18 go, Higashi 1 Line, Furano cho, Naka Furano, Sorachi, Hokkaido 071-0771 北海道空知郡中富良野町東1線北18号 ホテルラ・テール敷地内
Tel: 0167-44-2033
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m., last order at 5:00 p.m. Opens only between mid of April until October.

What’s are Halal souvenirs available from Furano?

As most of the items are using dairy products, it needs to be kept chilled, which makes it difficult for tourists to bring it home.

La Terre

La Terre is a company whose Butter and Cheese Sand is booming among Japanese people. Their rich butter and cheese is put between buttery biscuits, but this product is not ideal to take with you as it needs to be kept in the chiller. Still, some of them can be bought at New Chitose Airport.

Instead, what about buying their Honey Butter Castilla Rusk? Castilla is a sponge cake, but rusk is like a crispy bread. It may sound very interesting, but as it is a baked confectionery, you can buy one without wondering if the product gets deteriorated or not! This item is also not available at airport, so don’t hesitate to grab one.

Credit: https://shop.cake-cake.net/

Ingredients: egg, Sugar, Flour, Butter, Honey, Syrup, Plant oil, Salt
Price: 7 for 945 yen~
Expiry: 14 days guaranteed.

Most of the food items can be Muslim-friendly as the shop is only using natural ingredients.

Address: Aza Omura Murayama, Biei cho, Kamikawa gun, Hokkaido 北海道上川郡美瑛町字大村村山
Tel: 0120-544-417
Opening hours: 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Enjoy your stay in Furano!

As Furano is the best touristic spot in Hokkaido, there are so many wonderful experience and gourmet await you. Even as Muslim travelers, there is no concern at all for your Halal food. We hope you can enjoy your stay in Furano!

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Information as of May 2023.  The products we have introduced to you are not made as Halal or Muslim-friendly, so there is a small risk of contamination which we cannot be responsible of.  Please consume at your own risk.