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Instant Cup “Rice”?! Try this incredible Halal rice from Onishi, no matter where you are!

Modern Technology made it possible.

There is no wonder Japan is so advanced in instant food. Instant Cup noodle was first invented in Osaka, Japan, and now it is part of our daily life. But did you know that now this technology is used in our main carbohydrate, rice as well?

Onishi (尾西食品) is a company that produces long-life rice products, which can be kept for an emergency or natural disaster. To our surprise, their products are Halal-certified!

What is Alpha Rice?

Their rice is called Alpha Rice. This is the name of the technology used on rice to make them last longer. They are steamed as normal and then dried in a short period of time. Just like Instant noodle, when we put water, the rice becomes moist again, and it is ready to be served.

Because of the nature of rice, they need to be warmed up again to have a sticky texture again after being cooled down. However, Onishi has made it possible to revert to normal sticky condition even after the rice is dried up!

The great thing about this technology is that they can be preserved for a long-term. Products of Onishi has 5 years of expiry date.

In addition, because they just need small amount of water to cook rice, their products are chosen as emergency food.

Why is the product Halal-certified?

As mentioned, Onishi has produced this product in preparation for natural disaster. Japan is full of disasters such as earth quake and Tsunami. The company has learned so many lessons from the previous disasters, and came to realize that there are some people who have dietary restrictions.

This is the reason why they have obtained Halal-certificate on their products! Although not all of the products are Halal-certified, there are some flavors available. As there are more non-Japanese Muslims, these Halal-certified flavors like Dried curry and Biryani. But their white rice, red bean rice, seaweed and congee rice soups and some Japanese flavors are also Halal certified!

How is the taste of Alpha rice?

Even though we are so much used to eating instant noodles, not many people can imagine the taste of Alpha rice.

Making the rice is super easy: Just add 160ml of hot water! Mix well with a plastic spoon found inside a pouch, and then wait for 15 minutes.

As same as Instant Noodle.

What is surprising is that this hot water can be replaced by normal temperature water. Instant noodle can be made only after 3 minutes, but the Alpha Rice takes a lot longer.

When we tried the food, it was just surprising. The rice is fluffy and the taste is just like freshly cooked rice!

As the food is super light to carry and can be cooked no matter where you are, with or without hot water, people choose to carry them as a light snack when they climb mountain or in overseas.

Where can we buy Onishi food?

Their products are available to buy online. Some shops in Singapore and Malaysia import the item as well.

Price: 10 for 3,888 yen + Shipment fee, price depends on the number and flavor you choose.
Expiry: 5 years

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