Tokyo camii

Visiting “Turkey” in Japan? Tokyo Camii lets you not only to pray but also other Muslim necessities!

Turkey in Japan.

Tokyo Camii (東京ジャーミィー) is one of the most famous Muslim facilities known in Japan. The Camii, which means Masjid in Turkish, was built as early as 1938 by Tatars who have escaped from Russia. Then the current Masjid was rebuilt in 2000, which is now connecting Muslims and Japanese people.

The Masjid is a sacred place for your pray, but inside is made very useful for all the Muslim tourists visiting Japan. Let’s see what you can do in your Masjid visit!

Why is Camii Turkish style?

Having read that the Majid was first built by Tatars, some of you may wonder why the current Masjid is Turkish style. This is because those Tartars who have escaped into Japan have obtained Turkish nationality when the Masjid was rebuilt.

Then the Turkish government decided to aid the reconstruction of the Masjid, which is the reason why the Masjid is Turkish style. Even now, the Masjid is run under the support of Turkey, including Turkish Imams and staffs.

Facade of Tokyo Camii

As we can often see from Turkish Masjid (Camii), what impresses us the most is their beauty. As the Masjid is open for all the people including non-Muslims, many Japanese people often visit the Masjid, which gives them an opportunity to feel the Muslim culture.

What is available at Tokyo Camii?

As the masjid is trying to bridge Japan and Islam, there are some facilities open for all the visitors.

Guided Free Tour

On Weekend and Bank Holidays, the Masjid holds a Guided tour. This tour is totally free, and everyone can know the history and the basics of Islam.

The Masjid takes everyone to their prayer space, too. For ladies, they have hijabs and abaya to borrow.


Lounge , book shop and library

They have a lounge inside the Masjid. Just like the way they do in Turkey, they even have free tea and dates to welcome visitors.

They are also fitted with the large library where people can learn the history and Islam.

Halal shop

They also have a big Halal shop. All of the products they handle are Halal, so people do not have to worry about the ingredients.

Although most of the items they handle are imported, the great thing for travelers is that they have some Halal-certified Japanese souvenirs, too! If you are looking for a trustable souvenir for your friend, then it is a good idea to buy one at Tokyo Camii.


On the second floor, there is a Turkish restaurant called Yunus Emre Cafe. It is more like a cafe than a restaurant, but they offer good Turkish lunch at a very reasonable price.

They have tasty baclava, the most famous Turkish dessert, too.


Details of the Masjid

The Masjid is open from 10:00-19:00, but the Prayer room is open anytime for Muslims.

The Guided tour is held from 14:00 on every Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. If Holidays fall on Friday, then the guided tour will not be held because of Salat al Jummah.

Name: Tokyo Camii
Address: 19-1 Oyama cho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 151-0065 東京都渋谷区大山町1-19 151-0065
Tel: 03-5790-0760