Sojibo kanku

Halal-certified restaurant Sojibo, enjoy the last meal at Kansai Airport!

Leave your space for this restaurant.

Whether you have enjoyed your meal in the city on in the airplane, you will have a chance to dine at Kansai International Airport. This is because the airport is located almost q hour away from the city, and there are so many international flights, which makes your waiting time in the airport quite long.

Sojibo is a restaurant that serves Soba buckwheat noodles at a very reasonable price. What is great is that they are all Halal-certified, and all the Muslims can enjoy their meal without being worried about their Halal status.

The taste of Halal certified Soba restaurant.

What is their menu?

Their specialty is Soba buckwheat noodle. In Japan, when we eat Soba, we usually add a bowl of rice or Tempura together, because Soba itself can be too plain. Soba can be served hot or cold.

The menu at Sojibo is quite simple. However, upon asking a staff if there is any Halal meal, they did not know what to answer. Let us remind you again that the restaurant is Halal-certified, but there was Fried Pork cutlet, so you still have to carefully check on the menu.

Their Tempura are prawn, small bell pepper like vegetable called Shishito. Braised beef, half-boiled egg, or even Unagi eel bowl set.

Check what is their Halal menu.

How is the taste?

We have decided to try their menu at Kansai International Airport, ordered Cold Soba noodles with prawn Tempura, confirming that there is no meat or animal-derived ingredients.

Unlike the taste in Tokyo, the color and the taste of the sauce is lighter in Kansai. The noodle is chewy, which perfectly matches Wasabi and chives.

The Tempura is so good, because they are served right after fried in oil to ensure crispiness. The size is big, and there are three!

Freshly fried crispy Tempura!

If you have a big appetite, you can choose the set with a bowl of rice, or if you just would like to have a light meal, you can have only Soba noodle.

Detail of the restaurant

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor in Terminal 1 building. There are McDonalds, Lawson and some restaurants as well. You can enjoy last minute shopping and gourmet experience, or to refresh yourself at their shower facility.

Name: Sojibo (そじ坊)
Address: 3rd Flr., Kansai Internationa Airport, Terminal Bldg., Naka 1, Senshu Kuko, Tajiri cho, Osaka 大阪府田尻町泉州空港中1 関西国際空港旅客ターミナルビル 3階
Genre: Soba noodle / Japanese
Tel: 072-456-6519
Closed on: Sunday
Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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