Kanto region

Kanto region

Kanto area is the most populated and visited region of Japan, because there is a capital city Tokyo(東京), along with Kanagawa(神奈川), Chiba(千葉), Ibaraki(茨城), Tochigi(栃木), Gumma(群馬), and Saitama(埼玉). Most of the very first-time tourists coming to Japan will consider visiting either Tokyo or Osaka area, or may be both.

If you decide to travel to Tokyo, then you will enjoy all the newest boom, but at the same time you may enjoy tradition and history of Japan by just hopping on the train for 2 hours from the central.

There are few International Airports within the area; Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND/羽田国際空港) and Narita International Airport (NRT/成田国際空港). Haneda airport is located in the city, while Narita airport is 1 hour from the center of Tokyo.

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