Halal green tea shop in Asakusa, Tokyo

Halal Japanese souvenir at Asakusa! Masudaen treats everyone with their great Green Tea.

The most historical area in Tokyo.

There is no doubt that many tourists head to Asakusa, the most historical area in Tokyo. The area is super popular because it is the area full of Japanese ambiance, with so many attractive shops and restaurants.

Masudaen (増田園) is a Japanese green tea shop, which was first opened in 1867. Let’s take a look at the reasons why this shop ensures great sweet experience, as well as the people waiting back in your country.

In front of Masudaen

What’s avaiable at Masudaen?

Masudaen features Japanese green tea. Their product is carefully selected from the finest green teas from all over Japan. When we hear Japanese green tea, we may come up with traditional green tea or Matcha, a strong powdered green tea.

Well, their products are not only limited to these green teas but also roasted aromatic tea called Hojicha, or even some fresh teas with seasonal flavors, such as Sakura or citrus.

Thus, Masudaen makes it possible to find authentic Japanese green tea, as well as some creative, unique and original flavors.


Isn’t green tea Halal?

That is true. In general, green tea is considered Halal even in Japan, because they are obviously made from dried tree leaves.

However, Masudaen decided to obtain a Halal certificate because they believe that will relief their customers more. In some process, there could be a contamination with some haram products, so it is always safe to obtain Halal certificate on products from Japan.


Another reason is because of creativity of Japanese people. They always come up with new ideas, including food items. Sometimes, they put something that tourists can never come up, which makes food somehow doubtful. By putting a Halal logo, customers will not have to see and judge if the food is Halal or not, in a country where almost no English is spoken.

Their halal products are not only limited to their tea leaves…They also have a Halal certificate on their famous Matcha Green Tea ice cream cone!

They sell Matcha ice cream cone, and this product has Halal certificate. Ice cream in Japan could contain animal derived ingredient such as emulsifier or margarine, or even alcohol. Choosing a Halal certified ice cream seems like a better choice for Muslims traveling to Japan.

Details of the shop

Masudaen is located right in front of Asakusa station, so the access is super easy. Ask a sales clerk to know the Halal certified items, they are very happy to assist you.

Name: Masudaen (増田園総本店)
Tel: 03-3841-0840
Address: 17-1-1 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo 東京都台東区浅草1-1-17
Closed on: Tuesday

The shop is a perfect place to find a safe Japanese souvenir, as well as a place to enjoy their sweet ice cream cone with aromatic Matcha flavor!