Halal restaurant at Shibuya, Kiwamiya

Melting Halal hamburger steak at Shibuya! Kiwamiya at PARCO is a must-try!

Popular Japanese home dish, hamburger steak!

Hamburger steak is a kind of Japanese traditional food. It is a kind of steak made from minced beef and/or pork. It is just like meat patty inside hamburgers, but they are usually served with a bowl of rice, instead of bread in Japan.

Although hamburger steak is one of the top Japanese popular dishes, it is pretty difficult for Muslims to enjoy in Japan, because it ovbiously has porl in it. But Kiwamiwa (極味や) at Shibuya PARCO made it possible!

Let’s find out the reasons why Muslim tourists have to go to this place in their vacation.

Popular restaurant from Fukuoka, now available in Tokyo.

Kiwamiya is originally from Fukuoka, Kyushu. They are so popular that they have decided to open another branch at Shibuya.

When people head to a Halal restaurant in Japan, they find the restaurant only targeting Muslim customers, and there are few Japanese/non-Muslim customers. But Kiwamiya is different.

The restaurant is actually full of Japanese customers and tourists. This is because the restaurant itself is quite famous and popular among Japanese people.

Muslims traveling to Japan want to see and enjoy just like other people do, so this is a perfect restaurant to do so.

Another reason why Muslims have to go to this restaurant is a Prayer Space available at PARCO, a building that has this restaurant. PARCO is a department store and they offer small prayer space on 5th floor.

These reasons are good enough to make your way during your Japan stay!

What is special about their hamburger steak?

Although hamburger steak is a Japanese home dish, it was totally a surprising experience at Kiwamiya! Usually, we use minced meat, egg, onion and bread crumbles to make a hamburger steak in Japan, but they only use thin layers of Wagyu beef at Kiwamiya.

The taste is totally beyond our expectation, because it unfolds in your mouth upon eating, and sweet meat fat melts on your tongue. As they are using carefully selected Wagyu from Kyushu region, their home town, the quality of the beef is also amazing.

As they minimize the usage of bread crumbles, onion and egg, the steak is so fluffy and the food is obviously another level.

Kiwamiya hamburger steak

Is the food Halal?

How do they ensure Halal? For Halal set menu, they provide customers with a separate iron griddle to avoid contamination. Their hamburger steak is served raw, and you have to grill by yourself with the hot iron griddle in front of you, which has cooked other non-Halal meats.

This separate iron griddle is offered when customer orders Halal menu. This way, all of the customers can enjoy their dining experience without being worried about the cleanliness.

Details of the restaurant

There are some Kiwamiya hamburger steak restaurants, however, as of May 2024, the one at Shibuya is the only place where serving Halal menu.

Name: Kiwamiya Shibuya PARCO (極味や 渋谷パルコ)
Genre: Japanese hamburger steak
Tel: 03-5422-3122 *No reservation accepted
Address: G1 flr., Shibuya PARCO, 1-15, Utagawa cho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 東京都渋谷区宇田川町15-1 渋谷パルコB1階

Kiwamiya is always popular and the waiting time is quite long. Make sure to have enough time before being served!