Halal certified Mochi! Koeido has great choice for Muslims.

Mochi from the most famous Japanese fairy tale, Momotaro.

Each country has their own fairy tale, and so we do in Japan. The most famous fairy tale in Japan is Momotaro, a boy who was born from a peach! This fairy tale is believed to have originated from Okayama prefecture, a place between Hiroshima and Osaka.

The great thing for Muslims is that the company called Koeido, a company based in the prefecture, has produced Mochi that appears in the fairy tale, and obtained Halal-certificate! How is that special?

After reading this article, we are sure that you will be convinced to buy this item in your next Japan trip.

Characters from Momotaro fairy tale printed.

Tell us about fairy tale, Momotaro.

This fairy tale is quite interesting. There was an old couple, and grandmother found a peach floating down the river. She brought it back to her house, and when grandfather cut the peach, there is a baby boy born from the peach! They named him Momotarto.

After he grew up, he decided to beat an evil who was harming the village. He asked a monkey, pheasant and a dog to be his accompany, promising that he will give Kibi Dango as a gift. With their help, they managed to bring peace back to the village.

This is the most famous fairy tale in Japan. As this story is believed to have been made in Okayama, you will find so many motifs from this fairy tale.

Kibi Dango is a type of Mochi. This Mochi is called as such because Kibi is an old name of Okayama, so it literally means “rice cake from Okayama”.

Isn’t Mochi/Dango Halal?

Dango is usually smaller and firmer, but Dango and Mochi are quite similar because they are both made from glutinous Mochi rice.

As introduced in this article, Is Mochi Halal?, most of the fresh Mochis are Halal, but these long-lasting sweet Mochis that are made as souvenirs can contain gelatin, an animal-derived ingredient.

Although we have so many Mochi/Dango products, unfortunately, most of them have a risk of Haram ingredients in Japan.

That is the reason why Koeido Kibi Dango is our recommendation for Muslims! So far, it is the only Halal-certified Dango/Mochi as a souvenir in Japan.

Halal certified by Japan Islamic Trust.

How is the taste?

Still, the most important thing for souvenir is their taste. Don’t worry, their taste is very good!

The color is white or pale yellow, with soft and smooth surface. They are slightly powdered, because if they are not the surface sticks to your finger.

The Mochi is very chewy, but as you eat you will notice they are delicately sweetened, not too sweet or plain. As there is no filling, for those people who are not good at eating traditional Japanese red bean paste also can enjoy the taste.

Apart from this plain flavor, there are some other flavors, too. Brown sugar, Matcha Green tea, Sea Salt, Lemon, Kinako soy bean powder and Okayama’s specialty Peach! As there is a set Kibi Dango with several flavors, it is a good idea to buy this set and try all the different flavors.

Detail of the product

Name: Koeido (廣榮堂)
Address: 32-7 Chu nagon cho, Naka Ward, Okayama, Okayama 岡山県岡山市中区中納言町7-32
Tel: 086-272-2268
Opening hours: 9:00-18:00
Price: 10 for 486 yen, only plain flavor has packages of 15, 20 and 30.

There is also a cafe where you can try their Kibi Dango. Last order to be taken by 17:00.

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