Halal Nakahora pudding

Fresh dairy products made as Halal! Nakahora Farm made great sweets for Muslims.

Located near the only UNESCO site in Tohoku region.

Nakahora Farm (なかほら牧場) is from Iwate. Iwate is not as well known as other major prefectures as Tokyo or Osaka, but their rich nature brings great foods.

Located at very close to the only UNESCO site of Tohoku region, Nakahora farm has been producing great sweets using their dairy products, and what surprises us is that they have obtained Halal certificate on their products!

Happy cow makes great milk.

We have many excellent farms all over Japan, but what makes Nakahora Farm special is that they believe happy cow makes great milk. Their cow is growing in the nature, regardless of the time or season. This means they are freely moving around their rich nature, as if they are growing in the wilderness, which gives no stress to the cows.

What happens if cows have no stress? They naturally produce great and high fat milk. Their milk makes a little bit of butter at the lid, which you will notice upon opening.

As the fat rate changes depending on the season, the taste of the milk also changes. Their chemical-free milk is not only tasty but also safe for all the consumers including small kids and pregnant ladies.

Credit: https://nakahora-bokujou.jp

What are their Halal certified products?

Nakahora Farm obtained Halal-certificate on their pudding, yogurt and butter. These products in Japan usually contain emulsifier and/or gelatin to preserve the food longer, so these products using diary are not always Muslim-friendly.

As Nakahora Farm wants to ensure natural and great diary food, they do not add any preserves. This is the reason why their products can be Halal.

Halal certificate
Credit: https://nakahora-bokujou.jp/blogs/news/news_168

We have tried their pudding and yogurt.

In Japan, pudding has caramel under the yellow part, but Nakahora does not. This is little bit interesting, but by doing this, we can enjoy the taste of their diary products and pure egg itself.

The taste is very simple, but as we put pudding into our mouth, we can feel fat from milk. The texture is so soft that it melts in the mouth straight away.

Their yogurt is also very simple. It is more like a yogurt “drink”, because it is very runny and made without sugar. The taste is a little bit sour, but this enables us to enjoy the taste of their milk.

Credit: https://nakahora-bokujou.jp/products/20001

Details of the Farm

Nakahora Farm welcomes visitors. The tour is not free, but this tour is perfect for someone who wants to feel great Japanese nature as well as some Halal fresh dessert. We can stay at their farm as they provide bed and kitchen. Food needs to be cooled by visitors.

Their Halal certified products are available to buy online.

Name: Nakahora Farm (なかほら牧場)
Address: 287 Kamiugei Mizubori, Shimo Heigun Iwaizumi cho, Iwate 岩手県下閉伊郡岩泉町上有芸水堀287
Tel: 050-2018-0110

At Nihonbashi Takashimaya, they also have some of their products. Take a look if you are interested!