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Halal-certified Instant noodle available in Japan, Buldak Ramen from SamYang foods!

One of the rare “Halal-certified Instant Ramens” available in Japan.

As introduced in this article, Is Cup Noodle Halal?, instant noodle in most of the cases can never be Halal in Japan. Even though the flavor seems like nothing to do with meat or pork, it still has extract from animals to thicken the flavor, which is the reason why it should be avoided by Muslims.

SamYang foods from Korea is now selling their instant noodles in Japan. The name of the product is Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen or known as Buldak Ramen. To our surprise, this product is Halal-certified!

Let’s learn about this instant noodle today.

If you are not good at hot food, then try Samurai Ramen Umami!

What is special about this product?

Buldak Ramen literally means Spicy Chicken Ramen. As this name indicates, it is one of the hottest Ramens- The product is originally from Korea, so you can imagine what we mean for hot.

There are more flavors in Korea, but in Japan, there are only 3 flavors sold so far: Original, Carbonara and Cheese. Original Flavor is the hottest while cheese and Carbonara is less spicy.

Carbonara is the least spicy flavor.

Japanese people are usually not good at spicy food, so the flavors with less hotness are imported and available to buy.

What is interesting is that these noodles were only “dry noodles”, means there is no soup. It was more like a fried noodle, but now there are some with hot broth.

They are all Halal-certified!

You do not have to worry about their ingredients at all, because the product is Halal-certified! There is a Halal logo on top, so all the Muslims can enjoy without looking at the labels.

There are two types of packages. One is in a plastic bag, another one is in a paper bowl. Plastic one needs to be cooked in boiled water, but if you want to simply add hot water and make your food ready, paper bowl should be chosen.

In a paper bowl, easier to cook but more expensive.

So, how is the taste of Ramen?

We chose Ramen in a plastic bag. Let’s see how we can cook the noodle first.

Open the bag and put the noodle into 600ml of boiled water for 5 minutes. After the noodle is cooked, then take it out of the hot water and add powder and marinate well. That’s it!

This is how it is made!

The sauce looks very thick and creamy. The noodle is very chewy and wider than normal one. Creamy flavor rises as we put on the plate, but once we eat it, literally it was “painful”. Carbonara is the least hot flavor, we can never imagine how the hottest flavor can be.

In our honest opinion, if you are not good at hot food, you will never be able to finish the dish. But if you love, this noodle will be your favorite.

Where can we buy the product?

The product is available in many places, especially at the shops that handle imported items, like KALDI. The most familiar shop for many travelers may be Don Don Donki or Don Quijote! They have a huge shlef with all these noodles, and you can never miss it.

When visiting the shop for souvenir, you can then buy some of them at the same time.

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