What is your business?
Travel agency
We are licensed Travel agency, specializing in Muslim travelers. We are happy to arrange your travel in Japan as you wish, following Halal. You can simply let us know your preference and we make your itinerary, including Halal food and mosque visit. We prepare your halal meals ready, even in a very countryside.

We own our website for Muslim Travelers coming to Japan. We will provide you with all the necessary and interesting information, including restaurants, hotels, souvenirs and excursions.

We offer consultancy to Japanese restaurants and hotels to educate their staffs with basic knowledge of Islam and customer service.
How do you prepare halal meals?
We have a partnership with AASC co., Ltd, Osaka. AASC is a Halal-certified catering company by JAKIM in Malaysia. After we confirm your preference, they prepare Halal meals for you, and deliver them to your desired location.

They have wide variety of choices. They can prepare all types of food, including Japanese, Chinese, Western and Indian. They can also make Halal kids / diabetic / vegan menu.
How much do you know about Islam?
All of our staff are either from Middle East or lived in Middle East. We are sure that no other companies in Japan are as experienced as we are in taking care of Muslim customers.
What can we expect when we reserve a travel with you?
We know what Muslim travelers need, so you can leave all the headache in planning and concentrate on enjoying your experience in Japan.

Japan has different service standard, such as men serve lady customer. We will try to negotiate with them in advance to let you spend a comfortable stay in Japan. We also provide assistance for children, elderlies and many more.
What services do you offer?
We offer the following services:

Halal Itinerary Planning (mandatory)
We make a perfect itinerary for you, considering your preference. We put all the Halal restaurants, cafe, Mosque and Hotels in your itinerary, so you can freely enjoy your journey.

We can negotiate or confirm with restaurants, hotels, excursions or cafe if they can provide any Muslim-friendly service.

Top-up options
You can choose to add the following services.
1. Baby sitting
2. Wifi / Sim card
3. English speaking Male / Female Guide with great service skill
*Please be noted that they are not to explain history, but to navigate you in Japan.
4. Souvenir /Grocery shipment
* We send shipment to your hotel. Please be noted that we cannot be responsible of discrepancy.
5. Halal Kitchen utensils
* In case you would like to cook by yourself.
How much do you charge us?
It is very simple and easy.

Halal Itinerary Planning (Tax-free)
50,000 yen for first 3 days per group.
Additional 10,000 yen/day after 4th day

For example, if your Japan trip is 7 days long, then it will be 50,000 yen+40,000 yen, total of 90,000 yen.

We offer Concierge service during these days, to answer your questions promptly through whatsapp and offer help when needed.
No refund will be made.

Top-up options(10% Tax)
20% will be added on your bill as our commission. Cancellation fee may apply.
How can we pay?
We accept major Credit Cards and Bank Transfers. Transfer fees incurred will be paid by you.

We will initiate our task upon confirming your payment for Halal Itinerary Planning.
After completing your Itinerary, we then send you an INVOICE of hotel, meal and /or excursions.
After confirming the second payment, we will proceed with reservation.
How much is the guide? What do they do for us?
Average rate is 50,000 yen for 6 hours, plus their transportation and accommodation fee if any.
However, the final price depends on the guide, because each person has different skills like photography, language speak or where they live.

As we know so many of you would like to travel flexibly, these guides are trained to react and adjust promptly.
They are also customer-oriented, great care skill. They also work to ensure the itinerary goes as planned.

Their food, transportation and entrance ticket are not covered. In case you would like him/her to follow you, then it has to be paid by you.

As we only find guide who is Muslim(a) or has enough experience in serving Muslim customers, please let us know as early as possible.
What about insurance?
Please make sure that you prepare your travel insurance before commencing your travel to Japan. You will not be covered in case there is any accident or incident happens unless mentioned.
Can you prepare a guide?
Yes, we can try to find a guide.However, it is not always guaranteed.In case a guide is not available, consider using our concierge service.
Do all the restaurants and hotels in the website serve halal meals?
Let us call them “Muslim-friendly” instead of Halal, as we know it is highly religious term. The definition of Muslim-Friendly may vary in each place, so check our icon definition.
What if the provided information was not accurate?
We try to collect all the relevant and important information from each restaurant or hotel to provide with you on our website. However, as time goes by, there might be some changes made in each place, which we are not even aware of. Please do understand that it will be your responsibility to see if it is something you can accept or not.
In case a correction should be made, what can I do?
We appreciate if you could contact us through CONTACT. It will be a lot of help for other travelers!