Halal hamburger at Asakusa, Japan

Halal hamburgers at Asakusa! Juicy and luxurious hamburger experience at LUXE BURGERS!

The most crowded area in Tokyo.

Asakusa is the most crowded area in Tokyo, because of their well-reserved Japanese ambiance. It is also a great spot for Muslim visitors, because it is one of the areas with so many Halal Japanese restaurants and souvenirs!

LUXE BURGER & Sunny’s table is one of them. But why burgers? Let us explain why it is worth visiting in your Japan trip!

Asakusa Halal burger Luxe burger

100% Halal burger, Halal certified.

Although it is not a very authentic Japanese food, Luxe burger is a great choice for many people visiting Asakusa, especially for Muslims, because their food is 100% halal and very trustable! The restaurant is just opened in December 2023, quite a new restaurant.

Why can we say this? This is all because of the owner who is also a Muslim!

He is a Japanese man, and opened this restaurant not only for Muslims but also Japanese people. This is the reason why this burger shop is serving great quality hamburger that can be consumed by Muslims.

The restaurant has only Halal food ingredients, so Muslims who are looking for a real Halal restaurant will not have to worry at all about their cleanliness or ingredients!

What is available in their menu?

Because the chef was serving in world-class hotels as a French chef, their burgers have essence from French cuisine They have all kinds of burgers that you can imagine, with a hint of truffle or cheese.

They have both beef and lamb meat, but whichever you choose they are not mixed with other meat. You can even choose how you want your meat to be cooked, just like in an authentic French restaurant!

Credit: https://luxe-burgers.com/

It is made super juicy, with luxurious flavor from their sauce. Green salad and freshly fried potatoes are perfectly accompanied and nicely plated on the same plate.

They also have a choice of Vegan. The restaurant is a perfect place for someone who has a dietary restrictions.

Details of the restaurant

The restaurant has another branch in Nihonbashi. The restaurant has a Japanese space where people can take off their shoes to sit on the floor, which is another great reason for families with children!

Name: LUXE BURGERS & Sunny’s Table
Address: 2nd Flr., 10-16-1 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo. 東京都台東区浅草1-16-10 2階
Genre: Burger
Tel: 03-5811-1661

As the restaurant has a steep stairs, please be ready to go up stairs.