About Paulonia

We endeavor to connect Japan and Muslims.

We are the travel agency in Japan specializing in Muslim travelers.
With the lowest percentage of Muslims (0.15%), Japan is not a very Muslim-friendly country for travelers. It will be an extremely difficult thing for the travelers to find proper food or to tackle the cultural differences in the non-Muslim country where English is not spoken.
However, Japanese culture is very unique and is attracting so many tourists.

How can we let them enjoy and see Japan without any concerns? Because we are the experts of Islam and Muslim travelers’ needs, we have established our travel agency specializing in Muslim travelers.

We are sure that we can satisfy and meet all the Muslim travelers’ expectations.

Our Business

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We arrange your Halal meals in advance

We will arrange your meals to your liking, simply without pork or alcoholic seasonings, or if you would like to have 100% Halal meal, we will arrange Halal certified meals delivered to your preferred hotels.

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VIP Concierge, in English or Arabic, 24/7

We are the experts of your travel in Japan. We will organize your travel in the phase of planning, or even during your stay in Japan, in English or Arabic. You can simply contact us when you come up with an idea and we will do our best to arrange it in Japanese.

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We will make your travel as you like

We know what are the expectations of Muslim travelers. We will do our best to make the travel plan to an exceptional level.

You can simply let us know what kind of hotels, touristic attractions or restaurants you would like to visit, and we will make a proposal. If you would need a special care, such as big families, VISA, or religious requirements, do not hesitate us tell us what we can do for you.

Our Strength

Experts of Islamic religion and the culture

All the staffs have the best understanding towards Islamic religion and the customer’s expectations in Japan.
English and Arabic-speaking staff will help you with all the language problems even while traveling. When we are in doubt about Halal food, we seek an advice for an Imam living in Japan, which could gain your trust very well.

High quality of service

With the long years of experience in First-class, our service and consultancy for VIP Muslims are highly sophisticated which will satisfy all travelers.
All the hotels received our consultancy would surely offer not only Halal food or facility but also exceptional services to Muslim travelers, too.

A la carte travel experience, at anytime, anywhere you want

Unlike other big travel agency, we can arrange your requests on the spot as we only serve small VIP group travelers. You can contact us on the day you want an arrangement and we will work on it.
Let us help you have a comfortable journey in Japan.