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What is KALDI? The most convenience grocery shop with Halal goods!

Imported food staff available.

KALDI (カルディ) is a grocery shop available throughout Japan. Their products are coffee and imported items, so there are so many Japanese people who are big fan of this shop, because shopping at this shop will let them feel as if they are shopping in a supermarket in other countries.

Since the establishment in 1977, the company has been so successful that there are nearly 500 shops in Japan. We can say it is pretty easy to access to this shop, but the great news for Muslims is that there are some Halal groceries, too!

What are the items available at KALDI?

KALDI has imported items, as well as some of their original products. They have snacks, ready-to-eat products and some dairy products and beverages.

Let’s see what are the Halal items sold at KALDI.

Tea, Coffee and beverage

They have various types of beverages such as tea, coffee and beverages. Of course, these products are usually Halal even without Halal certificate, but it is great to know that there are some products that are Halal certified.

Seasonings and condiments

They also have some products from South East Asia and Australia. Vegemite , an Australian salty paste products, coconut oil, crisps and Samosa are available in this Halal shelf.

Ready to eat Instant meals

There are quite some convenient items sold at KALDI. They have various instant That curries that need only hot water or microwave to be ready. They also have instant noodles from Indonesia, which can be an option as an emergency food to travel in Japan.

Can KALDI be recommended for everyone?

As explained, because most of the items at KALDI are imported, to so many of you, especially as tourists, will not find their products appealing because these are not unique or original from Japan.

However, what is great for Muslims is that many KALDI shops now display Halal items separately to make it easy for everyone to find them. For people who want to cook something by themselves whilst in Japan, or simply looking for a Halal option at a countryside where there is no Halal grocery store, then it will be a place where you can reach Halal items.

With nearly 500 shops in Japan, it is also great that the shops can be easily accessed even by tourists at countryside!

Is there any other items that can be Halal?

Probably, yes. This is because they display only products with Halal logo on the same shelf, but do not judge if other items without logo are Halal or not.

If you see items that are consumed as Halal in your country and you are sure that the products are made in the same country/factory, then these items are also Halal.

What about KALDI original products?

KALDI has so many original products, including Indian/Thai curries. However, as we checked their labels, these products are not confirmed they are using Halal meat and ingredients. It is always better to avoid these products.

It is great to know that there are more imported goods in Japan, and more and more Japanese shops are realizing the necessity of Halal groceries. Of course, to many our travelers, their selection may not be that appealing, however, it is always good to know how to reach Halal items in Japan.

They have quite many products from overseas, which can be a fun shopping for you, too. Have a look at their shop if you have a chance!

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