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Is Pringles in Japan Halal? Yes, it is the safest chips for Muslims!

The most famous potato chips from United States.

We do not need too much explanation about this brand because everyone knows the name. Pringles is a company from United States whose potato chips is way too famous. Their chips are sold well in Japan.

But have you ever thought of their Halal status? The ones sold in the countries whose majority of population is Muslim, probably there is no concern at all. But what about the one in Japan?

We have mentioned so many times that the recipe and production line can be totally different in Japan, though the manufacturer is an international brand. However, when it comes to Pringles, we are so happy to announce you that they are all made as Halal!

Why can you say Pringles in Japan are Halal?

We have got in touch with Kellogg, a company that manufactures Pringles. We have inquired them if the chips are made free from animal-derived ingredients and alcohol, but the answer was beyond our expectation.

Pringles sold in Japan are manufactured in Malaysia whose machineries and ingredients are all Halal-certified!

The great thing is that their Salt and Sour&Cream flavors are Halal-certified. Other flavors, however, are not yet certified as Halal, but they are also made in Malaysia and free from animal-derived ingredients or alcohol.

In other words, Pringles in Japan are all free from haram ingredients and made in the Halal certified factory!

What about Japanese original flavors?

If you have visited Japan, you may have seen Japanese limited edition.

As of June 2023, local limited flavors in Japan are as follows.

  • Takoyaki flavor (たこ焼味) / Osaka
  • Buttered Scallop (ほたてバターしょうゆ)/ Hokkaido
  • Spicy Fish Roe (明太子) / Kyushu
  • Spicy Chicken Wing (手羽先) / Nagoya
  • Curry (東京の名店カリー)/ Tokyo

They are also made in Malaysia and free from haram ingredients!


About 400 yen each

So, can we assume all of them Halal?

It is a great news that all regular Pringles in Japan are imported from Malaysia however, we still have to make sure that other special flavors are also made and imported from Malaysia. Because of globalization, there are some products that are not manufactured in Malaysia, which can end up in buying non-Halal products.

Also, Kellog has informed us that there are some products that are sold only for a short period of time. In this case, they are not sure how and where the products are made, so they cannot guarantee if the products are genuinely Halal or not.

Where can we buy Pringles with local limited flavors?

You can buy them on Amazon, as well as souvenir shops in airports and cities. They are also available at Don Quijote, or Don Don Donki. It is not that difficult for you to find one.

8 Halal souvenirs available at Don Quijote.

In conclusion

Savory snacks in Japan are not always safe for Muslims, as they usually contain animal and pork derived ingredients.

As they are importing Halal certified products from Malaysia, we can say that they are the safest chips for Muslims to consume or to buy in Japan. Please check the label and make sure that they are manufactured in Malaysia!