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Need something Halal right now? Buy this cracker from Nabisco, Ritz!

Halal-certified light snack, available anywhere in Japan.

Many people are worried if they can reach Halal food or snacks in Japan. This concern is pretty natural, because Japan is not a Muslim country, and so many companies are using food additives which makes it more difficult to determine what ingredients are really used.

Nabisco is a company whose cracker is very famous. Did you know that their products are actually Halal certified? Let’s see which items are really safe for Muslims and reason why it can be Halal!

Why is Nabisco cracker Halal in Japan?

The company name “Nabisco” should be known to many of you, because it is an international brand from America. Their main products are crackers.

In Japan, many of the baked items like cracker or biscuit can contain shortening or margarine, made from pig. This is the reason why not all the crackers in Japan are safe to be consumed by Muslims.

However, the cracker of Nabisco available to buy in Japan are Halal certified, which we can check from their box!

Why are they Halal? This is because Nabisco cracker is made in Indonesia, and they are imported to Japan!

It says Made in Indonesia.

What products are available?

When we go to their website, we can find this sentence in Japanese.


It says that RITZ cracker Small size, Large size, Cheese sand, Chocolate sand and Vanilla san are all Halal-certified!

These crackers with some fillings inside are even available at conbini or local super market, so when you are lost in finding something Halal in Japan, try to find this cracker so that you can at least munch something without being worried about their `halal status.

Credit: https://www.ritzcracker

However, we have found that the cracker in a plastic bag is manufactured in China. As there is no Halal logo on it, we always have to check well the country of production carefully.

How is the taste?

We have bought a RITZ with chocolate filling. There are 2 bags, and each has 9 pieces of chocolate sand. As each piece has two crackers, it can be a perfect accompaniment for a coffee break.

As the box says, it is not only sweet but the salt was working as an accent. Yes, Nabisco specializes in cracker, so the biscuit is not only sweet.

When sweet stuff meets salt, the taste becomes even sweeter. The taste of this chocolate sand was overall a great choice for someone who want to have something Halal snack in Japan, probably before their proper meal.

Detail of the product

One thing we have to remind you is that the Nabisco products can be produced in some other countries such as Canada or U.S.A. Of course these products are not Halal-certified.

As we live in such a globalized society, we can never deny the possibility of encountering Nabisco non-Halal products, so please have a look ate the side of the box to ensure you are grabbing the right one!

Name: Nabisco crackers (Plain, Cheese, Chocolate and Vanilla)
Available at: Supermarket, Conbini
Price: about 250 yen

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