Halal Ramen Gyumon, Asakusa

Newly opened Ramen restaurant Gyumon, Asakusa! Luxurious Halal ramen experience.

One of the top popular dishes for tourists

Japan is full of great food, but do you know what are the top 3 dishes that tourists want to try? They are Yakiniku BBQ, Sushi and Ramen!

Gyumon is one of the most famous Halal restaurants in Japan, because they are offering great BBQ and Ramen. Their taste and quality are so nice that they have some branches in Tokyo, but did you know they have just opened a new Ramen restaurant in Asakusa?

Gyumon Halal ramen Asakusa

Luxurious soup from Wagyu Beef

We were so excited to meet and interview Ms. Furukawa, an owner of Gyumon chain.

Why did you open this Ramen shop?

We actually have started our business as BBQ restaurant. Since we handle great beef, we also have great bones. As you know, we do not have so many beef that are processed according to Islamic standard, so we wanted to use this bone for something.

Bone makes great broth, because the quality of beef is superb. We have then tried to make a great broth using only Halal ingredients.

Would you like to try one?

Broth is creamy and sweet, because it is full of Wagyu oil.

Yes, you are right. Wagyu has so much oil, but what is different from other meat is that they are very sweet. It melts on your tongue and releases great aroma.

Japanese Ramen usually uses Chicken or Pork for their broth, but not from Beef. We can say this is the most luxurious Ramen that you can find in Japan, because we are only using the best Wagyu that are processed under Islamic standard, which requires more cost in the process.

We have managed to make this Halal beef broth only because we have some BBQ branches, which gives us enough portion to make this broth.

Is making Halal ramen difficult?

Of course, it is difficult. Even our BBQ shop that we run for nearly 10 years, we are still improving the taste.

When we first started our BBQ, we had to make Halal BBQ sauce. As you know BBQ sauce contains lots of haram ingredients. We have managed make something relatively OK for customers, but we were not quite sure if it was satisfactory for our customers.

Our customers told us that the taste was good or tasty, but we questioned ourselves. Because when we try both Halal and Non-Halal BBQ sauce, the taste was different.

It is quite challenging to pursue an ideal taste, but this is the reason why we can get money from our customers. This is our professionalism.

I cannot believe the food is complete Halal, and the price is only 1,200 yen.

That is the best complement! Yes, we want to make as many Japanese Halal dishes as possible to let our customers enjoy the authentic taste!

We have priced this way because we do not have to outsource anything except for noodle. This is the way we can best use our product, while contributing to the sustainability.

Detail of the restaurant

The restaurant is conveniently located at Asakusa, the most visited touristic spot in Tokyo. The restaurant is always full and you have to have enough time in your schedule as waiting time is long. No reservation accepted.

Name: Gyumon
Genre: Ramen
Address: 5-12-6 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo 東京都台東区浅草6-12-5
Tel: 050-5592-8608
* No reservation accepted.