Halal certified souvenir at Asakusa, Tokiwado

Asakusa’s snack Kaminari Okoshi from Tokiwado, Halal certified!

The most visited touristic spot, Asakusa

Many people visit Asakusa, because the area is full of Japanese traditional ambiance. Nakamise shopping arcade has attractive and unique Japanese souvenirs and snacks. Looking at these attractive shops, you will get to the famous Sensoji temple.

Do you know the most traditional snack from this attractive area? It is Okoshi snack. It is the most traditional snack from Asakusa area, made with rice and sugar!

Can rice be a sweet snack?

When hearing “sweets made from rice”, not small people will imagine rice cake, Mochi! Okoshi is not as widely known as Mochi, but it is also a traditional Japanese snack made with rice.

Okoshi and Mochi are very different. Mochi is moist so that the expiry date is not very long, which is the reason why it is not a very suitable souvenir for many people.

However, Okoshi, is completely dried up and very light! Of course, there is no more concern about their expiry.

If we are to translate Okoshi into Japanese, it will be Sweet Rice Puff snack.

No. 1 Okoshi Company, Tokiwado

Tokiwado is said to have taken over an Okoshi shop in 18th century. Well, they are not sure when exactly they have started their Okoshi shop, but it is quite obvious that they have a long history.

This No.1 Okoshi company has obtained Halal certificate on their products.

Their Okochi snack was chosen as a small snack in ANA, one of the two largest airline companies in Japan. This product is also Halal certificate as it is served to all the customers from around the world.

They also have Okoshi making experience, however, they still do not have English guide and it is not Halal.

So, what is Okoshi?

The shape of the rice is still visible, but it is not sticky at all. As rice is completely dried, their texture is actually very hard. Probably the snack is suitable for someone with false teeth.

Unlike savory rice cracker, they are usually sweet. What is interesting is that there are various flavors for this unique snack.

List of Tokiwado’s Halal-certified flavors are as follows:

  • Jo Isobe
  • Siro Isobe
  • Kuro Isobe
  • Asakusa Matsuri
  • Tekomai
  • Chulala
  • Salted Okoshi (Milk peanut, Caramel almond, Maple coconut, Nori Shio, Butter Coconut, Vanilla, Natsunohitotoki, Ume plum)
  • Furai, Raimei, Fujin
  • Cafe+ (Coffee, Milk tea)
  • Genmai Brown rice Mix
  • ANA Halal Rice cracker
  • Edo Iroha

*Information as of February 2024.
*Tokiwado calls Okoshi Rice cracker instead of Rice Puff cracker.

Detail of the shop

They have various shops in Asakusa area, but there is one that stands right next to the Kaminarimon gate, which is the easiest one to be found.

Name: Tokiwado Hompo
Address: 2-3-1 Asakusa Taito Ward, Tokyo 東京都台東区浅草1-3-2
Tel: 03-3841-5656
Opening hours: 10:00-18:30, Open everyday