Ginza Halal travel guide

Ginza Halal Travel Guide! Where are Halal restaurants and souvenirs?

Luxurious and unique experience at Ginza.

Ginza is the most elegant and luxurious area of Japan. The price of the land is the highest, so that all the famous brands, shops and restaurants are here. If you are looking for a luxurious experience or item, then you definitely have to make your way to this place.

Let’s see what is available for Muslims around this area today.

Which Halal restaurants are available in this area?

There are some high-end halal restaurants in Ginza.


What is GINZA SIX? It is relatively a new shopping complex. There are world’s leading brands as well as restaurants. On the 13th floor, there is a Halal-certified restaurant called THE GRAND GINZA.


It is a restaurant that serves authentic French cuisine. Their meal is served as a course.

Price for lunch is from 4,000 yen, dinner from 9,000 yen. Considering the location and the fact that the restaurant is Halal-certified, the price can be more reasonable than you would have expected.

Name: THE GRAND GINZA (ザ・グラン銀座)
Address: 13th Flr., GINZA SIX 1-10-6 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 東京都中央区銀座6-10-1 GINZA SIX 13階
Tel: 03-6280-6129

Ginza Tendon Itsuki

Tendon is a rice bowl with Tempura on top. They put sauce with alcoholic seasoning, so Tendon is not always complete Halal meal. Tendon Itsuki is quite ready to accept Muslim customers, because they do not use any alcoholic seasoning in their sauce.

Size of the Tendon is massive, but what is great is that they are quite reasonable, too! The average price for lunch and dinner is around 1,500 yen.


Name: Ginza Tendon Itsuki (銀座天丼いつき)
Genre: Tendon Tempura Bowl
Tel: 03-6263-2988
Address: 2nd Flr., Ginza Inns, 1-3 Ginza Nishi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo東京都中央区銀座西3-1先 銀座インズ1 2階

SOLEIL ~Global Cafe & Dining~ 日比谷OKUROJI

This is a cafe dining, which is trying to pursue food diversity to serve and satisfy all the people from around the world, regardless of their dietary requests.

Although the food selection is not traditional Japanese, everyone including Muslims can enjoy their food without being worried so that the cafe is quite popular.


Price for lunch is about 1,500 yen, dinner for 2,000 yen. The restaurant is located just between Hibiya and Ginza, at the very convenient place. You will pass by when you transfer the Metro line, so don’t miss out!

Name: SOLEIL ~Global Cafe & Dining~ 日比谷OKUROJI
Genre: International
Tel: 050-5457-0896
Address: OKUROJI H8 Hibiya, 1-7-1 Uchi Saiwai cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 東京都千代田区内幸町1-7-1 日比谷OKUROJI H8

Where can we find Halal souvenir at Ginza?

On the 1st floor of GINZA SIX, there is a convenience store called Natural Lawson. What surprises us is that they have a small space for Halal souvenirs, which we can never find in other Lawson shops.


18 is Natural Lawson, just right next to Tourist Service Center.

As we have asked in September 2023, there are only few selections available; Chocolate and Yokan Japanese traditional sweets. Both of them are Halal-certified.

Their selection is very limited, but it is great that there is a Halal-certified item that you can check with your own eyes. Before Pandemic, there were more Halal items available, so we hope there will be more selections available soon.

What’s available around Ginza?


In front of GINZA SIX, there is the largest UNIQLO in the world. Entire building with 12 floors is all UNIQLO!

It is not only limited to clothes, but there are also cafe, flower shop and so on. Price is lower than in overseas, so have a look and buy if you like the brand.


Address: 1-12th Flr., Ginza Komatsu East Bldg., 5-9-6 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 東京都中央区銀座6-9-5 ギンザコマツ東館 1階-12階


If you like Japanese traditional items, Kyukyodo can be your choice! The shop first opened as a pharmacy in 17th century, but now they are a stationery shop that handles literally everything.

You may find a perfect Japanese souvenir in this shop.


Name: Kyukyodo (銀座鳩居堂)
Address: 4-7-5 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 東京都中央区銀座5-7-4
Tel: 03-3571-4429

Enjoy your day in Ginza!

Now you must be convinced that there are so many reasons to go to Ginza! Everything is located within the walking distance, so you can enjoy everything within 2-3 hours.

We hope you can enjoy your stay in Ginza.

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