Is N.Y.C. sand in Japan Halal? Reasons why it should be avoided by Muslims.

Tokyo’s new must-buy souvenir.

Tokyo is one of the most leading cities in the world. There are so many delicious sweets, with lots of new series and flavors, which makes it almost impossible for us to try them all.

N.Y. C. sand is one of them. They are super yummy, and it is one of the souvenirs that you have to buy when visiting Tokyo. Let’s see if this product is Halal or not today.


What is N.Y.C. sand?

First of all, let’s know what N.Y. C. sand is. It is a biscuit with caramel and chocolate, inspired by New York style. Does it sound like very ordinally, and not that special? No, they are actually quite unique.

Biscuit is soaked in the caramel sauce, and it is not crispy. The sauce is not that sweet, but it just perfect because there is a bitter chocolate inside. Slightly burnt flavor of caramel and chocolate makes this biscuit just a perfect confectionary.

You will see the plain one, as well as special editions everywhere in Tokyo.

So, is the product Halal?

If answer to the question Is N.Y.C. Sand Halal?, the answer is There is no haram ingredients, but probably risk of contamination with gelatin.

Let’s see the ingredients of Plain flavor.


Chocolate, Flour, Butter, Sugar, egg, Cream, Glucose, maltose, Almond powder, Caramel powder, Plant oil, Honey, Liquid Sugar, Cocoa butter, Agar, Caramel paste, trehalose, Emulsifier from soy beans, flavoring, baking powder, Caramel color

As you can see, they are all made from Plant-based ingredients, and it is free from Haram things.

Ingredients of Plain flavor.

However, when we take a close look at their website, we find this sentence.

It says that the product is manufactured in the factory that handles Gelatin. Gelatin as you may already aware is an ingredient derived from animal, mainly pig.

This means that the product itself does not contain haram ingredients, but the factory is not Halal as per Islamic standard.

Better to avoid the product.

When only looking at the label of the product, it looks like a Muslim-friendly product, but the truth is that it may have been in contact with pork-derived ingredients.

Also, another product has a Scotch whiskey as a Flavoring, so the factory also handles alcohol.

We hope this article helped you.

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