Kawasaki Daishi Halal travel guide

Kawasaki Daishi Halal Travel Guide! The third most visited temple in Japan.

The most visited Buddhist temple in Kawasaki.

When we think of the most traditional area in Tokyo, probably many people will come up with Asakusa. Yes, that is one of the most visited touristic spots in Kanto region. The reason is not only limited to their well-reserved ambiance, but also their easy access and reputation.

But what about Kawasaki Daishi? Despite the fact that the temple has nearly 900 years history, the temple is not that known to many foreign tourists. If you are looking for a place where you can feel Japanese history but not overly crowded, then this is the place where you have to go in your next trip.


What is Kawasaki Daishi?

Kawasaki Daishi is located at Kawasaki, Kanagawa. Even though the temple is not located in Tokyo prefecture, it is super easy to access from Tokyo city center. The temple is actually very convenient from Haneda Airport, so if you have some time before or after your flight, then this will be a perfect place to visit.

The reason why you should visit this temple is not only because of their access, but also their history.

The third most visited temple on the New Year’s day

On every New Year’s day, Japanese people visit temples to wish for a successful year. Kawasaki Daishi is actually the third most visited temples in Japan, which means their importance in Japanese culture is pretty high.

Regardless of the time you visit, there are always food stand, which will let you enjoy the ambiance of Japanese summer festival!

Heigenji Temple

The temple was first built in 1128. The temple was burnt down during World War 2, but the ambiance around the temple still preserves good, old Japanese times.

The great thing about this temple is that there is almost no foreign tourists, because this will enable people to feel real Japanese culture, not the ones that are made to make foreigners happy.

Heigenj Temple

What is available for Muslims at Kawasaki Daishi?

What makes Muslims concerned about is that if there is any Halal or Muslim-friendly snacks. Kawasaki Daishi area has no Halal restaurants, however, there were so many foods that can be consumed by Muslims!

Candy for cough

Kawasaki Daishi is believed to bring better health to visitors, especially for someone who is suffering from coughing.

You will find so many shops that are selling their famous candy for coughing. They are made from very simple ingredients: Sugar, Herbs like ginger, fennel, cinnamon, Sweetener

As the product has long history and not made in a modern factory, this proves that they are using only natural and plain ingredients, which can be a reassuring reason for many Muslims.

These candies

Candy for cough

Gomafukudo Sesame ice cream

Gomafukudo is a shop originally from Kyoto, whose specialty is sesame products. This means that their products are not only limited at Kawasaki Daishi, but this great ice cream cone is worth trying!

Ice cream cannot be always Halal in Japan because of alcohol or emulsifier whose origin can be animal, but Gomafukudo declares that their product is 100% plant-based. They even use soy milk instead of cow milk. With aromatic and crispy sesame on top, you will have a good sweet time.

Name: Gomafukudo
Genre: Sesame products, ice cream cone
Tel: 044-201-9933
Address: 8-5 Daishi cho, Kawasaki ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 神奈川県川崎市川崎区大師町5-8

Ohtanido (大谷堂) Nama Warabi Mochi

Warabi is a kind of Mochi sweet with special powdered root plant used. As this plant is rare, now the dessert is using some other non traditional ingredients, but this makes the dessert not Muslim-friendly, because it can contain gelatin.

This NamaWarabi Mochi is so unique. They are made in a pot and served while it is still hot. It is more like a liquid than a solid dessert. We have confirmed that there is no animal-derived ingredients in this dessert. Enjoy the authentic but creative Japanese dessert.

Nama Warabimochi, served hot

Name: Ohtanido
Genre: Warabimochi dessert
Tel: 044-201-7167
Closed on : Irregularly
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Enjoy your day at Kawasaki Daishi!

As introduced, the access to Kawasaki Daishi is pretty easy. It takes only about 15 minutes by taxi, or 30 minutes by train.

Unfortunately, there is no Halal restaurants close by, but it is also a good idea to head to Tokyo city center for the Halal restaurant.

The area is not huge, but it is a great place to feel the Japanese culture. We wish you can all enjoy the great ambiance with some of their Muslim-friendly snacks!