Tokyo Hiyoko Manju

Tokyo’s must-buy Halal souvenir, Hiyoko Manju!

The most traditional souvenir from the most creative city in the world.

There is no wonder that Tokyo is one of the most creative cities in the world. You may have seen lots of new products that are changed or altered from the original version in this city. That is the reason why Tokyo is attracting many tourists, and not small number of people come back to this city.

Although there are many souvenirs that you can never find in other cities or countries, traditional sweets are still highly appreciated in this city. Let’s see the most famous souvenir from Tokyo, called Hiyoko Manju today.

What is Hiyoko Manju?

Manju is Japanese traditional sweets. Sweet red bean paste is stuffed in a thin layer of sponge. This type of sweet is available throughout Japan, and it is generally considered Halal.

Hiyoko Manju is the most traditional and iconic souvenir from Tokyo. What makes them so special is because of their shape. It is a cute chick shape!


They are all super cute and makes you feel guilty to eat. There is a Hiyoko Family version, too.


It is a package with 4 different sized Hiyoko Manju. The biggest one is Dad, and then Mom, Brother and the smallest one is Sister. They are all handmade in a factory in Fukuoka.

Is Hiyoko Manju Halal?

Of course, the product is not declared as Halal, so we can only judge from their ingredients. Let’s see their ingredients.

The very plain, original flavor is free from haram ingredients.


White bean paste, Sugar, Flour, Egg, Modified liquid sugar, Maltose, Liquid sugar, Sorbitol, Baking powder, Coloring made from V B2.


5 for 686 yen

Expiry date

3 weeks after production date

Then, is all of Hiyoko Manju Halal?

Not really. Because there are so many versions, we cannot trace back all the ingredients and process.

For example, there is Hiyoko Manju with chocolate flavor. Obviously, this chocolate contains emulsifier, which can have derived from animal.


Additionally, there are so many new flavors, as well as season limited editions, so we cannot guarantee all of them are free from contamination and haram ingredients. To be on a safer side, only plain flavor should be chosen by Muslims.

Where can we buy the product?

Hiyoko Manju is available throughout Tokyo. In major souvenir shops including ones at Tokyo station, department store and Haneda Airport have one.

As is often the case with Japanese sweets, it is best enjoyed along with a cup of green tea! Bring this cute chick sweet back to your country, and share the happiness with your loved ones.

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The product is not halal-certified, so there is a small risk of contamination.  Please consume at your own risk.
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