APA Hotel Nihonbashi

Wake up with a great Halal meal! APA Hotel Nihonbashi Bakurocho

Looking for a reasonable hotel around Tokyo?

APA is a hotel chain that has more than 400 hotels all over Japan, with nearly 70,000 rooms.

They are usually located in the very convenient area and the price is very reasonable. Their room is not spacious, and facilities are kept minimal, but for travelers who are looking for a budget-friendly hotel, this can be a perfect choice.

APA Hotel Bakurocho is very special, because it is the very first APA hotel that offers Halal meal option for their Breakfast!

Credit: https://www.apahotel.com/hotel/syutoken/tokyo/nihombashi-bakurocho-ekimae/

Where is the hotel located?

It is located at Bakurosho, Nihonbashi area. Nihonbashi is very close to Tokyo station, so the access is pretty good.

No matter if you are landing at Haneda or Narita Airport, or taking Shinkansen, you can take JR line to get off at Bakurocho station, which is only 2 stops away, and it is 1 minute walk from the station.

Nihonbashi is known for their gourmet and posh department stores, which ensures your comfortable Japan experience.

Hotel is located in front of Bakurocho Station, next to Akihabara station.

So, what do they offer for Halal meal?

They have a cafe on the ground floor, called Malay Kampung KOPITIAM (マレーカンポンコピティアム). As name indicates, it is a Malaysian restaurant, which has just opened in July 2023.


What surprises us the most is that they are all Halal! Let’s see their menu.

Japanese meal (和定食)

Grilled Salmon, Japanese pickles, Steamed Dumpling (2pcs), Dried Seaweed, Potato Salad, Half boiled Egg, Rice, Miso Soup and Garnish

Kaya toast set (カヤトーストセット)

Kaya Toast (2pc), Half boiled Egg (2pcs), Fried Charsiew Pie

Credit: https://www.mkkopitiam.com/

Malaysian Chicken Curry (マレーシアチキンカレー)

Malaysian Chicken Curry, Steamed Rice, Potato Salad

Credit: https://www.mkkopitiam.com/

Nasi Lemak (ナシレマ)

Rice steamed with Coconut Milk, Chicken Rendang (Stewed Chicken), Anchovy, Boiled Egg, Cucumber Slices, Fried Peanuts, Sambal sauce and Potato Salad

Credit: https://www.mkkopitiam.com/

As a hotel guest, you can choose one menu that you like upon entering the restaurant, and they will prepare the breakfast. Great thing is that although the restaurant is Malay cuisine, they also have Japanese breakfast for someone who would like to enjoy Japanese dish while in Japan.

Is the restaurant only for Hotel guests?

The answer is NO! Anyone can go to the restaurant and enjoy their meal. They are open daily, but no Lunch/Dinner on Tuesday.

Breakfast is 1,200 yen for Adult, Kids under 12 years old for 900 yen.

For Lunch and Dinner menu, they also have 3 types of Wantan noodles.

Credit: https://www.mkkopitiam.com/

Detail of the Hotel / Restaurant

Name: APA Hotel Nihonbashi Bakurocho (アパホテル日本橋馬喰町)
Tel: 03-5847-9711
Address: 6-6 1 home, Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 東京都中央区日本橋馬喰町1丁目6-6
Restaurant opening hours:
Breakfast 7:00AM to 10:00AM(Last order at 9:30AM)
Lunch 11:30AM to 14:00PM(Last order at 13:30PM)*
Dinner 17:00PM to 21:00PM(Last order at 20:00PM)*
*Closed on Tuesdays.

Room is available from 6,000 yen per person.

Travel with us this end of year! Limited seats available.
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