SOLEIL Halal restaurant

Everyone on the same table. Halal restaurant Ginza, SOLEIL, makes it possible!

A restaurant where everyone can enjoy dining experience together.

SOLEIL is a restaurant located close to Ginza, in the restaurant arcade calle Hibiya Okuroji. The restaurant arcade is a newly opened venue with so much polished ambiance. As you walk past, you will be tempted to try all of the restaurants that you see.

SOLEIL, although their specialty is not Japanese cuisine, is a good option for many Muslim travelers, because their motto is to “have everyone enejoy on the same table”.


What do they offer at SOLEIL?

They offer wide variety of International cuisines, including Western and Asian choices. They also have sweets selection, so that the restaurant can be used for any purposes. As their motto is to let everyone enjoy on the same table vegetarian/vegan choices are also available.

What is surprising is that all of their menus are using Halal meat. They have beef burger or Singaporian chicken rice, and they are all Halal! There are some restaurants that are using Halal meat on the selected menus, but SOLEIL is surely one of the rare restaurants that are using ONLY halal meat.


How is their meal and the price?

Their menu, especialy Lunch menu, is so reasonable that you can not imagine the quantity and quality you are offered. They have Salad as a starter, followed by main course and a glass of beverage. If you want to have a perfect finale, then dessert can be topped.

Lunch set is offered at about 1,000-2,000 yen. Dinner is more expensive, but thinking about the location as Ginza, we have to say that the restaurant is of great value.

Details of the restaurant

Unlike other Halal restaurants, SOLEIL takes prior reservation. This will save a lot of precious time during your Japan stay!

Name: SOLEIL Hibiya Okuroji
Genre: International
Tel: 050-5457-0896
Address: HIBIYA OKUROJI h-08, 1-7, UchiSaiwai cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 東京都千代田区内幸町一丁目7番1号