halal course at Nishi Azabu Gonpachi

Halal course at Gonpachi, Nishi Azabu! Izakaya pub where Kill Bill was filmed!

Restaurant with great ambiance

There are some places where many tourists head to in Japan, and Gonpachi is definitely one of them. Because the ambiance of the restaurant retains great historical ambiance from the time when it was still a warehouse-like Japanese building.

The restaurant was also chosen as a venue for Izakaya meeting with President Bush and prime minister of Japan, even celebrities from overseas.

As the restaurant has so many tourists from overseas, they are ready with Halal course. Let’s see what they offer in this course!

Halal restaurant Gonpachi Nishi Azabu

What is Gonachi’s specialty? Is there any Halal menu?

Gonpachi is basically serving as Izakaya. Izakaya is Japanese style pub with a la carte menu with various alcoholic drinks. Yes, the restaurant is offering alcohol, so the restaurant itself is not a very Muslim-friendly place.

To meet the palate of the customers from all over the world, the food is more like westernized Japanese dish. Most of the dishes are prepared based on traditional Japanese food, however, using seasoning or sauce from other countries, they have created something new for customers.

Not authentic Japanese cuisine, with some essence from Western flavor.

Unfortunately, this a la carte menu is not made according to Halal standard, so you have to reserve a Halal menu in advance.

Contents of Halal course

With prior reservation, Gonpachi prepares you a full Halal course menu, fearturing Shiretoko Beef steak!

The menu is as follows (March 2024):

Fried oyster
Sashimi (2 kinds)
Fried shrimp dumpling
Grilled salmon
Shiretoko Beef steak
Oyakodon, Chicken and egg rice bowl

Menu in March 2024, contents are subject to change.

Credit: https://gonpachi.jp/wp-content/uploads/sites/18/2022/10/2210-halal-gonpachi.pdf

Each dish is served separately as this menu is a course menu. The menu is for 1 person, but the quantity is massive so that it can be shared by among 2 persons, with some additional Halal choice from their a la carte menu.

Shiretoko is the name of Hokkaido, and their beef quality is great. Not too greasy but enough to feel the sweetness when you put on your toungue, well-balanced with the red meat part. With 200grams of this meat, it is certain that it will satisfy your desire to eat meat.

Precautions when ordering their Halal course

Would you like to try their course? Then it is mandatory for you to make a reservation, at least 3 business days before your visit.

The restaurant is open from noon until late night, which will give you more chance to choose the timing. If you can visit during dinner time, there is sometimes a Japanese drum Wadaiko show. With full of Japanese ambiance, the restaurant will ensure an unforgettable dinner in Japan!

Price for Halal course is 19,800 yen (21,780 yen including tax).

Details of the restaurant

Name: Gonpachi Nishi Azabu
Genre: Japanese Izakaya
Address: 1F/2F 1-13-11 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku Tokyo, 東京都港区西麻布1-13-11 1階 2階
Tel: 050-5443-1691

Have a wonderful dinner in a great ambiance!