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A Happy Pancake definitely makes people happy, including Muslims!

Fluffy pancake from Awaji Island.

Do you know a sweet shop A Happy Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ)? We guess many of you do because the shop is always full of foreigners who came as tourists. The sweet shop is very popular because their fluffy pancake is something that you can only enjoy while you are here.

As is often the case with Japanese restaurants, many of the menus in A Happy Pancake also include liquor, except for one menu! We are going to show you how the Muslims can enjoy A Happy Pancake experience in Japan.

What is special about A Happy Pancake?

A Happy Pancake is originally from Awaji Island, which belongs to Hyogo prefecture. Now, there are nearly 30 branches available in Japan, but their main shop in Awaji Island attracts many people, because this is where people can enjoy a magnificent ocean view!

Credit: https://magia.tokyo/

Their pancake is using Manuka honey from New Zealand, and fermented butter from Hokkaido. These two natural ingredients make a pancake very special. The pancake is super fluffy, just like a souffle, a dessert from France, which does not require any knife to cut! They do not need anything like baking powder to make them fluffy, because of the fresh ingredients.

So, which menu is Halal or Muslim-friednly?

It looks like all the menus in A Happy Pancake Halal, but this is not right. Most of them contain liquor for their flavoring.

We have got in touch with A Happy Pancake and asked them about the ingredients. The answer is that their signature menu, Happy Pancake, is the only menu that does not contain any liquor! Because it is using only fresh milk and egg, there is no emulsifier is used.

Cream on top is made from a fermented butter, which you feel a little bit of salt with honey flavor.

They have quite many seasonal products, but these ingredients vary time to time. So, if you do not have enough time to do research before going to the shop, choosing the plain Happy Pancake will be the easiest way to get to the Muslim-friendly pancake.

What are the other things should we know?

Because pancake is prepared only after the order is made, it takes more than 20 minutes to have it on your table, or even 40 minutes when it is the busiest moment. This is to ensure their fluffy texture, so when you come to the shop, have enough time to wait for it to come.

They say that baking this fluffy pancake is extremely difficult, so that they might burn or serve when baking is still not enough. If you see any shortfall, they will replace the pancake.

Left Top is their signature menu, Happy Pancake.

You can make a reservation. If you do not have, then take a coupon from the machine first. They will ask you to come back if your turn becomes the 7th.

They have some savory menus such as Margarita pizza or Pasta as well. However, because the shop is not Halal or Muslim-friendly, there is a risk of contamination.

The taste you can only enjoy while in Japan.

Although the shop does not declare as Halal or Muslim-friendly, it is great to know that there is at least one menu that Muslims can enjoy! Their fluffy texture can be enjoyed only when you physically visit the shop, so don’t hesitate to go and try their pancake in your Japan trip.

A Happy Pancake is a popular Pancake shop, originally from Awaji Island. They use Manuka honey from New Zealand and fermented butter from Hokkaido, which makes their pancake super fluffy.

The only menu that does not contain liquor is normal Happy Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ).
Other menus may contain liquor, including seasonal ones.

Price: 1,380 yen

Information as of June 2023.  The shop is not Halal or Muslim-friendly, so that there is a risk of contamination, which we cannot be responsible of.  The ingredients may change, please confirm with the shop before visiting.