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List of “Halal snacks” at Japanese convenience store!

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You will never miss to find a convenience store or Conbini in Japanese. Three most famous Conbinis are Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart. They are open 24/7 in major cities such as Tokyo or Osaka.

As we can find Conbini almost anywhere in Japan, your concern towards Halal food will be lessened if there is something suitable for Muslims. This is absolutely correct! Let’s take a look at Halal or Muslim-friendly items available at Japanese convenience store today!

Want to buy Halal Conbini Onigiri?

List of Halal/Muslim-friendly items at Japanese Conbini

Halal-certified items

Although Islam is not a major religion in Japan, there are some Halal-certified items at Conbini!


As written in this article, Is Pringles in Japan Halal, many Pringles are imported from Malaysia, and their factory is Halal-certified.

There are some flavors that are not officially certified, but since they have told us that they are also manufactured in the Halal factory only with Halal ingredients, we can say there is almost no risk of contamination.



RITZ is a name of a cracker brand from Nabisco. Their products are sold worldwide, but did you know that their products in Japan are halal-certified?


Japanese Saying RITZ Cracker is Halal certified.

They are not only limited to plain crackers, but also cheese, chocolate and vanilla flavor! It can be your snack or emergency food so grab one when you get to Japan.


Muslim-friendly products

Products here are not Halal-certified, but usually considered as “Muslim-friendly”. However, please consume at your own risk.


Bourbon is thee most Muslim-friendly snack company in Japan! Their products that do not contain any haram ingredients are also sold at conbini.

There are so many products, but usually Alfort, Elise and Petit are available. Check their ingredients well before buying as not all of them are free from haram ingredients!


Happy Turn

This yummy and addictive snack is available throughout the country, and so they are at convenience store!

As many of the savory snacks can contain some kind of haram ingredients, this snack is a very rare but a great choice for a person who does not have sweet tooth.

There are some limited editions, but make sure you only choose normal plain flavor to be on a safer side!

Meiji Almond & Macadamia

These chocolates are not sold in a luxurious chocolatier but in the supermarkets or convenience store. But once you try them, you will be surprised how good the quality is!

Meiji Almond & Macadamia are great for someone who would like to bite something before heading to a Halal restaurant, but also as a souvenir from Japan.



Ghana is name of a country where produces great quality of cacao. LOTTE, a famous snack company from Korea, used this name for their signature chocolate.


In conclusion

As each convenience store has different stocks, their Halal/Muslim-friendly snacks may vary. Although we have listed the most famous and available products in this page, you may not find item, or you will encounter something not listed here.

We have seen so many products, so please also check the following page for more information!

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