Is Royal Host Halal?
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Is Royal Host Halal? This is the list of safe dishes for Muslims!

Popular Family restaurant in Japan.

Royal Host (ロイヤルホスト) is so called “Family restaurant” in Japan. Family restaurant basically targets customer with kids, so there are numerous dishes with pasta, potatoes and so on.

They are chain restaurants with so many branches throughout the country, and what is great is that their quality is ensured, available at reasonable price.

Specialty at Royal Host is their fresh ingredients, especially meat, but what is great for Muslims is that there are some Muslim-friendly choices!

Is Royal Host Halal?

When we tell you their specialty is meat, many of you will be dissapointed because they are obviously not Halal. Yes, this is true. None of the meat dishes should be chosen at Royal Host in Japan.

No meat dishes to be chosen.

What about their vegetarian choice called NIKUVEGE? It is unfortunately not genuinely Vegetarian, or it even contains pork though the name sounds like they are using only plant-based ingredients.

NKUVEGE Thai style spicy rice plate contains PORK.

What about their NIKUVEGE vegetarian rice? In their advertisement, they mention no alcohol and meat used.

However, though the food is free from meat and alcohol, it obviously says that the food is prepared in the kitchen that handles meat and pork. In addition, they say that the frying oil is also shared with other food items.

In other words, the food does not use animal-derived ingredients, but not completely free from contamination.

Is there any Halal/Muslim-friendly menu at Royal Host?

Let’s take a look at their allergen list to see if there is any food item without animal-derived ingredients.

As they do not mention the usage of alcohol, please be reminded that there is a small risk of alcohol in their meal. Also, the kitchen is not using only Halal items, so there is also a risk of contamination. Please use your own judgement.

Appetizer and Main course

Cream spinach (クリームスピナッチ)
Avocado & Shrimp salad (アボカド&シュリンプサラダ)
Green Salad (グリーンサラダ)
Fish& Chips (フィッシュ&チップス)
Garlic Toast (ガーリックトースト)
Grilled sea bream, shrimp and scallop with boiled vegetables (真鯛・海老・ほたてのあつあつグリル〜温野菜添え〜)
Shrimp and scallop grill (海老・ほたてのあつあつグリル〜温野菜添え〜)
Rice gratin with shrimp and scallop (海老とほたてのシーフードドリア)
Japanese style grilled salmon breakfast *may contain soy sauce with alcohol. (朝の和定食)


Acai and Yogurt Parfait (アサイーとヨーグルトのパフェ)
Tokachi red bean cream Anmitsu Japanese style jelly (十勝あずきクリームあんみつ)
All ice creams
Small sweet potato (小さなスイートポテト)
Acai bowl with yogurt (アサイーボウル〜ヨーグルトいり〜)

All the soups contain chicken or pork, should be avoided.

In conclusion

Royal Host is very good because they even mention the risk of contamination in their allergen list.

As the restaurant clearly mentions the food item that may have been in contact with other food ingredients, we can say that the above food menu is trustable and recommendable for Muslim customers.

There are Muslim-friendly appetizer, salad, main course and dessert, so even Muslims can enjoy their dining experience with other people. Of course, the kitchen tool/plates are shared with other food items, so we would like to ask you again to judge using your discretion.

If you could accept the fact that the tools are shared, Royal Host can be an option for you in Japan.