Sand bath at Ibusuki

Sand Bath at Ibusuki, how can Muslims enjoy?

The only experience in the world.

Kagoshima is a prefecture located at the most southern part of Japan. The place is warm and tropical, which is why the place is called as “Hawaii in Japan”. Lots of Japanese tourists or honeymooners were dreaming to come to this place when international travel was not that common among ordinary people.

The reason why the place attracted people do not only attribute to the warm weather: There is a famous hot spring called Ibusuki Hot Spring (指宿温泉). It is not a normal hot spring, but it is a Sand Bath hot spring, which cannot be seen at any other place.

Steam is coming out of the sand.

What is sand bath?

Let’s get to know what sand bath is first.

In general, Japanese hot spring is to immerse your body into hot water, which is usually coming from natural water boiled by volcanic action. At Ibusuki, this is not the case.

There is an active volcano in Kagoshima prefecture, which produced abundant hot water. However, when the people dug the beach, they found that the sand itself was really warm, which can reach up to 50 to 60, or even up to 100 degrees.

Hot water also has depleted because the water was used for agriculture and development, so that sand bath became more popular in Ibusuki.

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Is Sand Bath good for our health?

The temperature of the sand can go up to 50 degrees. People first change to Japanese traditional Yukata, and then a staff of the beach will cover the whole body with hot sand.

Waiting for 10 minutes inside the sand bath, you are steamed in the sand and then your dead skin cells are peeled off, this is how you feel refreshed!

After sand bath, then hot spring with water awaits you inside the building.

Change into Yukata and the staff will put sand over your body.

Can Muslims enjoy sand bath?

When talking about hot springs, Muslims are worried if they can really enjoy the experience, because Japanese hot springs usually require people to get fully naked. Don’t worry! Of course, everyone can enjoy this unique experience in Kagoshima. It is actually one of the must dos of everyone.

When you are about to go to the hot spring, it is advisable to make prior reservation, informing that you would like to use private changing room and shower, to be on a safer side. By doing this, you can change into a bathing suit in a private room.

It is unfortunate that the public bath requires everyone to take off their cloth completely, but it is great that private shower is available for Muslims.

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Details of the hot spring

Name: SARAKU (砂むし会館「砂楽~さらく~」)
Address: 18-25 5 Chome, Yunohana, Ibusuki, Kagoshima 891-0406 鹿児島県指宿市湯の浜五丁目25-18
Tel: 0993-23-3900
Price: 1,100 yen for over 12 years old, 600 yen for under 12 years old