What about spicy Shawarma after pray? Kobe Shawarma offers a valuable Halal meal!

Next to the very first Mosque in Japan.

Kobe is a city where many foreigners live, because the city has developed thanks to the port. It was one of the ports that was first opened to foreign countries, which is the reason why there is the first ever Mosque in Japan.

Kobe Shawarma is relatively a new restaurant opened right next to this Mosque. With their great taste and reasonable menu, the restaurant is quite popular even among Non-Muslims!

Very first mosque in Japan.

What is available at the restaurant?

Their specialty is, needless to say, Shawarma. The owner of the restaurant is a Pakistani guy, but their Shawarma is so tasty.

Their Shawarma has three types of meat: Beef, Chicken and Lamb. As they are all Halal, all the tourists who are missing food with meat can enjoy their taste!

Menu at Kobe Shawarma

What is interesting about their menu choice is that they have Middle Eastern snacks like Hommous, Baba Ghannouge or Farafel, but they are not the only thing. They have sweets such as Baclava.

What has surprised us the most was that there are Canele, a French Confectionery, too! Because this sweet generally uses alcohol for flavoring, it is not considered as Halal by most of Muslims.

Halal Canele available!

Their Canele is made without alcohol, probably the only Halal Canele in the whole city!

How is the taste of their food?

With the price under 1,000 yen for valuable set, the quality of their Shawarma was beyond our expectation. When we visited the restaurant, the beef was already sold out so that we only had Chicken or Lamb choice.

The Chicken is well marinated with the creamy but light sauce, with a spicy hot chili. As Japanese people are not good at eating spicy food, the hotness is moderate, but enough to work as an accent of the food.

French Fries is served fresh from oil, along with a cup of beverage.

Detail of the restaurant

As the restaurant is right next to the mosque, it is very convenient to go after taking a moment to pray.

Name: Kobe Shawarma
Address: 10-25-2 Naka Yamate dori, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 兵庫県神戸市中央区中山手通2-25-10
Tel: 078-200-5166
Opening hours: 11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

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