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A perfect guide for your hot spring experience in Japan

Hot spring, is the procedure complicated?

Many people coming to Japan are dreaming of enjoying hot spring.  Hot spring is a very unique and original culture that you can only enjoy in this country, which is the reason why many foreigners, at the same time, are worried about.  It is true that there are so many rules that you have to follow, which may sound very weird.

This article is a perfect guide to answer all of these concerns to let you fully enjoy your Japanese hot spring experience.  By reading this article, there will be no worries you may have, so we will recommend you read this article carefully before commencing your journey to Japan.

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How should Muslims take hot spring in Japan?

The flow of taking hot spring is very easy and simple.  Thanks to the globalization, in some hot springs, there can be a notice written in English, too.

Step1: Enter hot spring

Check the gender carefully before going inside, as in some of the Japanese inns or Ryokans, they change the hot spring time to time, to let you enjoy both.  Usually, the blue or navy indicate gents while red is for ladies.

Then take off the shoes and enter changing room.  Find your locker and basket to put your cloth in.  Remember that you can take a small towel with you into the hot spring, and many people may cover the front side of your body.  Of course, never leave your valuables in the changing room.  There usually is a safety box.

Blue for gents, red for ladies.

Step:2 Before taking a bath

When you are inside shower room before bathing in hot spring, rinse your body, chair and bucket with shower, and then start washing your hair and body.  You do not need to wash your hair always, but washing your body is a must-do in Japanese etiquette.

After washing your body, then organize the stuff that you used and rinse the area you have touched.  Then head for hot spring to enjoy your hot spring experience!  The water temperature is hotter inside and lower outside, so you can adjust your condition by choosing the hot spring.

Step:3 After bathing

After fully warming up your body with hot spring, then get out of the hot spring, and rinse your body again with the shower, as the hot spring water is not always hygienic or contains minerals or mud.  Slightly wiping your body with your small towel inside the bathing area, then your hot spring experience is over.

Remember to clear all the areas that you have used, especially after hair drier or water basin.  It is always recommended to wipe the area for the next person.

Questions and answers

  • Can you take your kids with you?

Of course, you can.  Usually, the hot spring may be too attractive for them, but you have to remind them not to run or scream in the hot spring as a Japanese etiquette.

  • What about kids with different gender?

There is no obvious rule for this.  Most of the Japanese may think that they can take their kids who is different gender up to the age of elementary school or so, but there is no clear rule.

Taking small girls to the gent’s hot spring should always be avoided to be on a safer side.

  • What about the women who is on her period or pregnancy?

Such ladies can still use the shower area, however, soaking in the bath or sauna should be avoided.  If you are pregnant, then you should carefully monitor your condition, especially in a bath or hot sauna.

  • What to bring to the hot spring?

In a business hotel, they might ask you to bring a towel from your room, but in most of the cases, they are available in the changing room.  Shampoo and conditioner, even lotion, shave, toothbrush or many more amenities are available in the hot spring.

  • What are the things should not be done?

Putting your towel or hair into the water should always be avoided.

Taking a bath before washing your body.
Shouting or talking in a loud voice.
Running or playing as if you are in a swimming pool.

should be avoided. You have to try to respect the manner, but you do not have to worry about them too much!

Enjoy the best moment in Japan.