Hot spring for Muslims
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How should Muslims choose their hot spring in Japan?

Enjoying hot spring in Japan is everyone’s dream.

Soaking in a nostalgic hot spring in Japan is one of the things on the bucket list for many people, but what about as Muslims?  It is not a custom for most of the Muslims to take a hot bath with other people, especially when naked.  Then, do Muslims have to give up this dream?

Of course not!  Give us a chance to recommend you the best way to take a hot spring in Japan for Muslims, avoiding all possible concerns you may have.

What are the concerns with Japanese hot springs for Muslims?

Let’s talk about concerns with Japanese hot springs for Muslims first. 

While Middle Eastern Hammam is to warm up the body temperature in the steamed environment, Japanese hot spring is to soak your body physically into the hot water.   In most of the cases, people have to be fully naked, even ladies.

There are few hot springs that allow you to wear swimming suit, however, it is very limited, and it is almost impossible for the tourists to find one that you can bath with swimming suite.

Another concern is mix-bathing, gents and ladies share one hot spring.   Now we do not have so many mixed baths, however, the problem is that there is no clear rule for children.

Japanese people may take their children who is different gender with them.  The age we Japanese think permitted to take may be up to primary school or so, however, there is no clear rule and there will be no one to tell them off even though children is elder.

These facts may be the reasons why Muslims are concerned about Japanese hot springs.

How should Muslims choose Japanese hot springs?

Unless you are confortable taking off your clothes in front of others, we will recommend you book a Japanese traditional inns or Ryokans that has a private hot spring in their own room.  It is usually categorized as “room with private open-air bathing”, which in Japanese is 個室露天風呂付客室.

Such rooms are considered as very luxurious by many Japanese people, and not all the Japanese inns or Ryokans would have this kind of room.

Although we cannot 100% guarantee all cases, these rooms may have a shower facility with a changing room, or may be fitted with a divider, so that you do not have to worry about eyes of your family members.

Image of private hot spring.

What are the problems with private hot spring?

The problem with private hot spring is that the scenery or seasonal view are sometimes not enjoyed or very limited from your own room.  Japanese inns or Ryokans are generally proud of their hot springs for their amazing view, however, if you are only bathing from your own room, of course the scenery may be different from their advertisement.

Another problem is price.  Because of the facility, the price may be double or triple more expensive than the normal rooms that do not have private hot springs.  As mentioned above, the view could be limited in some cases, so that if you could try Japanese hot spring as it is, private hot spring is not always a recommendation.

Once in a lifetime experience.

However, it could be a very rewarding and luxurious moment to enjoy your stay in rooms with private hot spring, which enables you to take a hot spring at any time you wish without being bothered by other people. We strongly wish you to consider enjoying a moment in Japanese hot spring.

If you would like to take a look at the whole correct procedure of taking Japanese hot spring, then go to this page.