Soba noodle

Halal and vegan noodle available at Fukuzenji Soba, Hida Takayama! Enjoy your food in a great ambiance.

Traditional Halal soba in a city of history.

Hida Takayama (飛騨高山) is a must-visit place for those who love historical cities. It is located in Gifu Prefecture in Chubu region, which takes about 2.5 hours by rapid train from region’s capital, Nagoya.

Hida Takayama is absolutely amazing, but going to a suburban city is challenging for many Muslims because of their Halal food. We would like to strongly recommend everyone to go to Fukuzenji Soba (福全寺蕎麦) in Hida, where Muslims can enjoy a Muslim-friendly Soba in an old, traditional Japanese house.

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Is Soba famous in Hida Takayama?

If you hear the name Hida Takayama, you may probably come up with Hida Beef. Yes, it is their specialty, but Soba noodle also is their specialty, because of their climate in the region.

Hida region is surrounded by mountains, which has a huge temperature difference between night and day. With the clean water from mountain, great Soba is produced.

Soba noodle
Soba can be hot or cold, great low GI food.

How is Fukuzenji Soba special?

Fukuzenji Soba is served in a great ambiance. Their restaurant is using refurbished Japanese old house, which you can only enjoy while you are in the country.

The great thing about the restaurant is not only limited to their ambiance, but also their hospitality. We had a great opportunity to interview the owner of Fukuzenji Soba. Their hospitality to welcome Muslims is so amazing.

Why did you start offering Muslim-friendly menu?

Hida City has started their project to welcome Muslims, and we wanted to follow their idea. Took part in the seminar to know Islam and Halal food, we learned how to prepare food for Muslims.

What is your Halal contents?

Although our specialty in Hida Takayama is beef, unfortunately as of July 2023, we are not yet ready to offer Muslim-friendly menu with meat. However, all of our seasonings are Halal-certified, and free from meat products. Kitchen is not separated, but ingredients are totally Halal.

We also have Vegan menu, so we are sure everyone can have a dining experience together.

How is the reaction from customers?

All of our Muslim customers look so happy that there is a Muslim-friendly menu in our restaurant, because there are not so many places where they can reach Halal food.

What makes us happy is that there are so many customers who posts on SNS, with a message saying “Great food”!

Why did you prepare a Prayer Room?

We saw many customers praying on the floor, and we were so sorry because our restaurant is small and the only space available was next to our rest room. It is a very sacred moment for Muslims, and we wanted to make a proper facility for them.

Although our Prayer Room is small which can fit only 1 person, our customers seem very happy.

Credit: Fukuzenji Soba.

Newspaper article about their Prayer Room and Halal / Vegan menus.

Do you have any message for Muslims?

We are sure there are not so many restaurants that have a Muslim-friendly menu and a Prayer Room in Hida Takayama. We are sure that we can make our Musim customers happy with our great food and our hospitality.

We are always happy to welcome you.

Menu at Fukuzenji Soba

Information as of July 2023. They also have Vegan Menu.

Credit: Fukuzenji Soba

Detail about the restaurant

Name: Fukuzenji Soba (福全寺蕎麦)
Genre: Soba noodle
Tel: 0577-73-3340
Closed on: Tuesdays

The restaurant does not require prior reservation, enjoy a great Soba in a Muslim-friendly style!