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Is Yoku Moku Halal? What about Cigare?

Japanese confectionery appreciated in Middle East.

It was 2011 when Japanese confectionary Yoku Moku (ヨックモック) first opened their shop in Dubai, Middle East. Since then, the company was so successful, and they have opened as many as 26 branches in the Middle East. The reason of their success is, needless to say, their tasty biscuits, especially the one called as Cigare.

The one sold at Dubai and in Japan are exactly the same, which means we can all get a biscuit that can be welcomed by Muslims in Japan. After reading this article, you will be convinced why you have to get Yoku Moku for your loved ones.

The first question is, “Are they Halal certified?”.

Many of you must have thought that their product is Halal certified so that it is exported to Dubai. But unfortunately, the answer is No. They are not Halal certified.

According to the answer from Yoku Moku, they say that the biscuits sold in Dubai do not contain any haram ingredients. They use only natural ingredients such as butter, sugar and flour, and no animal origin product is used.

However, the only thing they are not sure about is Flavoring. Flavoring can be extracted after some kind of alcohol is used, and they cannot remove this possibility completely. Of course, this alcohol is so tiny in the portion, and it is not used to intoxicate someone, so it was accepted in Dubai and in Middle East.

Tell us about Yoku Moku.

Yoku Moku has started in August 1969 in Tokyo, as a confectionary company. The company name, Yoku Moku, came from a city in Sweden, named by a founder of the company.

Their confectioneries were to be sold at department stores, so their products were expected to be at the great quality since it has started. In November in the same year, they have already started selling their main product Cigare. This biscuit is a shape of roll, and it looks like a cigar to smoke, which still is what represents the company.

Apart from their main product, Cigare, they have other types of biscuits; some of them have chocolates or almonds. Unlike Cigare, they are all square-shaped.

Now their shops are not limited only to Japan. Their branches are in Asia, Canada and Middle East.

What is special about their product?

The company has started after World War 2, so their concept was to make everyone smile with their tasty confectionary. They have pursued an ideal biscuit, which resulted in the butter being the largest ingredient of the product!

This story tells that Yoku Moku is only using the ingredients at the best quality, which applies to other ingredients, too. Their butter is from Hokkaido, and the flour also is supervised to pursue their ideal recipe.

Where can we get Yoku Moku products?

Their products are available in major department store or online. You will not find them in an ordinary supermarkets or souvenir shops.


Cigare: Butter, sugar, egg white, flour, almond powder, flavoring
Double chocolat au lait: Chocolate, butter, sugar, egg white, flour, Cacao butter, emulsifier, flavoring
Double chocolat blanc: Chocolate, butter, sugar, egg white, flour, Cacao butter, emulsifier, flavoring
Billet aux amande: Butter, sugar, egg white, flour, almond, flavoring
Bateau de macadamia: Butter, sugar, flour, egg white, milk, Cacao butter, flavoring, emulsifier


2,160 yen for 27 pieces, cinq delice set

Expiry date

120 days after production date

Contents may vary depend on the box you choose.

Cinq delice set

Take nice and proper biscuits as a souvenir!

Yoku Moku is perfect as a proper souvenir for your boss or colleagues, as the biscuits are nicely placed in a tin box. Although it is not certified as Halal, it is convincing that the product is meeting the standard as a Muslim-friendly items.

Also, the price in Japan is only one-third of that in Middle East, so take your opportunity to enjoy shopping!

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