Why should Juchheim be chosen by Muslims and health-conscious people?

Japanese confectionery company Juchheim!

Juhheim (ユーハイム) is a company that offers great quality baked confectioneries in Japan. The shop was first opened by German man Juchheim, in Qingdao, China, which was a part of leased territory of Germany at that time.

He was then taken as a hostage by Japanese military and finally opened his cafe in Kobe after the World War 2. This is the reason why Juchheim’s products are German confectioneries.

Their products are strongly recommended for health-conscious people, as well as Muslims.

Credit: https://www.juchheim.co.jp/

Why is Juchheim’s confectioneries recommended?

From their website, we can find the answer. Their company policy in making confectioneries is to use only natural ingredients. This sounds not very specific, but when thinking about the food additives that we use in Japan, we find it very special.

As you may be aware, Japanese food products contain so much food additives. This is to preserve the product longer or to produce cheaper. Food additives are made after a very complicated process, which makes it difficult for Muslims to determine if they are free from haram ingredients.

Lots of food additives are used in Japan.

Juchheim worked hard to remove all of these food additives, and now they have succeeded in making most of their products free from food additives.

For example, it took 8 years to remove emulsifier from chocolate, and 15 years to remove stabilizer from cream used on their cake. Removing these food additives requires pâtissier to closely see the temperature, humidity and all possible elements that determine the quality of the products, but they made it possible.

So, are all of their products Halal?

Because Juchheim does not make their products based on Islamic standard, none of their products are Halal-certified in Japan. Some of their confectioneries contain liquor for flavoring, so this is the biggest factor that Muslims should be very careful of.

We have listed their products that are made without animal-derived ingredients and alcohol.

Baum Kuchen

Baum Kuchen is a popular cake from Germany, which actually looks like a stamp of a tree. This product is a specialty of Juchheim, and there are several flavors.

According to their website, Original and Matcha flavors do not contain liquor. Expiry date is about 30 days, so it can be a perfect souvenir for Muslims!

Credit: https://www.juchheim.co.jp/

Matcha flavor is only available at head shop in Kobe and online.

They also have pound cakes, that have dried fruits or nuts, but all of them contain liquor. If you are looking for a Halal product, then these should be avoided.


Egg, Sugar, Butter, Chocolate coating, Flour, Chocolate, Marzipan, Liquid sugar, Matcha, Milk, Salt, Vanilla beans


3,456 yen


Teegeback is a biscuit, which has been sold since Juchheim has first started. They are all handmade, and there are several tastes in one box. A perfect gift box for your friends.

Credit: https://www.juchheim.co.jp/

Flour, Butter, Sugar, Almond, Liquid egg, Flour starch, Chocolate, Coconut, Pistachio, Cream, Raspberry juice, Cacao powder, Cranberry juice, Milk, Lemon paste, Salt, Apple jam, Lemon juice, Coffee, Vanilla beans


24 for 2,592 yen


Liebchen is also a biscuit, but it is made with more egg, so the texture is lighter, just like Yoku Moku’s famous biscuits cigare.

There are 5 different flavors, like one with almond, macadamia or just plain. The product is also free from animal-derived ingredients and alcohol.

Credit: https://www.juchheim.co.jp/

Butter, Sugar, Egg, Flour, Almond powder, Cream, Fiber, Butter milk powder, Cacao powder, Sall, Cacao mass, Starch from flour


24 for 2,592 yen

Want to know about Yoku Moku?

Where can we buy their products?

Their products are available in major department stores and online, but the head shop is in Kobe. Kobe is known for Western culture and sweets, so it can be a great idea to buy their products as a souvenir.

Name: Juchheim
Address: 4-7 7 chome, Minatojima Nakamachi, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0046 兵庫県神戸市中央区港島中町7丁目7番4
Tel: 078-302-1001

Enjoy their taste!

Now we can all tell that Juchheim is trying their best to pursue a healthy confectionery, and this is the reason why everyone including Muslims can enjoy their taste. Of course, their products in Japan are not Halal-certified, but we can call their products are Muslim-friendly.

There are some flavors that you can only buy in Kobe, we hope you can enjoy their taste!

Halal Navi