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Is Genki Sushi Halal in Japan? Do they still serve Halal soy sauce?

One of the conveyor Sushi chains.

Genki Sushi (元気寿司) is a Sushi chain in Japan, with branches in overseas, too. Uobei, Genki Sushi and Senryo are all in this Sushi chain family, the only difference is their target and price.

Uobei is targeting customers who are looking for reasonable, Genki Sushi for middle range, and Senryo for good quality Sushi.

They have branches in Asia, which make people believe they are all serving Halal Sushi. But does this apply to the one in Japan? We got in touch with Genki Sushi and got the answer.

What is the feature of Genki Sushi?

They are the first conveyor Sushi chain that has introduced so many new systems. For example, they introduced different color plates that clearly show the price of each Sushi.

Despite the fact that they were one of the leading Conveyor Sushi chains, there are now converted to the restaurant whose conveyor is not running. This is because it ensures quality a lot better and satisfies customers better.

This also saves electricity because conveyor is used only it is necessary. When there is an order from a customer, Sushi is shot from the kitchen, which shortens the time of conveyor belt.

Kura Sushi also shoots their Sushi to customer!

Genki Sushi is serving Halal soy sauce, so are they Halal?

Yes, that is true. They serve Halal soy sauce to Muslim customers upon request. They serve this soy sauce in the restaurants that are visited by many Muslims, mainly in Tokyo.

This sounds like a great news, because there are not so many reasonable Sushi restaurants that are Muslim-friendly. However, we have to remind you with one thing.

We have asked the ingredients of their Sushi rice, because Sushi rice can contain Mirin or Vinegar that contain tiny portion of alcohol. Their answer is their vinegar used in Sushi rice contain alcohol.

Of course, this percentage is so tiny and will not make anyone intoxicated, but it is an important information for Muslims traveling to Japan.

Sushi vinegar at Ganko Sushi contains tiny alcohol.

What about risk of contamination?

As introduced, some conveyor Sushi chains mention the risk of contamination with pork. What about Genki SUshi?


This is the allergen list of Genki Sushi. The great thing is that they are not sharing the making process, and most of them are free from meat and pork products.

However, please avoid Chopped Maguro (まぐろたたき), they all contain gelatin.

In conclusion

As we have checked all 4 biggest conveyor Sushi chains, none of them is free from alcohol unfortunately. Some of them even have a risk of contamination with pork.

Genki Sushi is offering Halal soy sauce at some of the selected restaurants, and free from pork or other meat contamination.

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