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Indulge in the sweetness! List of Japanese chocolates that can be Halal.

Japanese chocolates are so tasty.

Did you know that Japan is a chocolate heaven? You will see a variety of chocolates in supermarkets or conbini. Some of them are even elevated to the next level- they are sold in a posh and luxurious chocolatier, just like jewels.

Some of you may think that chocolates are all Halal, how can it be haram? Let’s see the reason why chocolates can be haram, and the list of safe chocolates that can be bought at supermarket today.

So, why can chocolates be haram in Japan?

It is because of the ingredients that we use in chocolate making.

Chocolate goes well with sweet and fruity liquor. So many chocolates, especially the ones made for adults, contain liquor. Some contain raisin, which was simmered in rum.

Alcohol is not the only reason, actually even animal-derived ingredients may have been used in Japanese chocolates.

When mixing oil and water, we need a kind of ingredient called emulsifier. As introduced, this ingredient can be derived from animal, so we have to make sure that it is made from plant.

Chocolate is mixed with animal-derived ingredients such as emulsifier or oil.

Additionally, in rare cases, they could have used oil derived from animal. In chocolate making, they need to add some oil, such as margarine. As you may be aware, margarine can be made from pig, so we have to pay attention on their oil, too.

From these reasons, chocolate in Japan is not always safe for Muslims, and ingredients should be carefully checked before making a purchase.

List of Muslim-friendly chocolates in Japan.

We have checked the ingredients, and listed safe chocolates for Muslims below.

MACADAMIA and ALMOND (明治 マカダミア・アーモンド)

No matter where you go, you will find a souvenir with macadamia or almond. What you cannot believe for this snack is the quality of this chocolate is far better than expensive souvenir chocolates.

They are individually packed, but there is a mixed version, too.


Ghana (ロッテ ガーナ)

This is a very basic chocolate from Lotte, Korea. The chocolate was named after a country in western Africa, because they are famous for cacao production.

They have some styles, like one big plate or small one-bite. You can choose whichever you like depend on the mood.


Apollo (明治 アポロ)

Another product from Meiji, but this chocolate has a fruity strawberry flavor with a pyramid shape. It came from the shape of Apollo, a spaceship that has laned on the moon.


Alfort (ブルボン アルフォート)

Bourbon is the most Muslim-friendly company, and their signature chocolate with biscuit is so famous for being Muslim-friendly! The chocolate is a bit sweet, with the digestive biscuit makes it more delicious.

There are several flavors such as white chocolate or Banana flavor, however, please try not to choose seasonal flavor as we cannot guarantee all of them are Halal.

Bourbon has more Muslim-friendly products!

Kinoko & Takenoko no Yama (明治 きのこ・たけのこの山)

There is always a discussion among Japanese people; which one is better, Kinoko or Takenoko? Kinoko is a mushroom and Takenoko is a baby bamboo. The only difference is just a shape, but we Japanese all like this chocolate snack and even adults try to convince the advantage of either snacks.


What is the precaution for Japanese chocolate?

These chocolates are confirmed that they are free from alcohol and animal-derived ingredients, however, they can use a very tiny portion of flavoring, which could have been extracted from alcohol. This is not enough to intoxicate someone, but this is the fact that we would like to remind all Muslims considering eating Japanese snacks.

Also, these chocolates are not Halal-certified, so the recipe can be changed at any time, without prior notice. Please use your own discretion when buying one!

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