Sapporo Halal Travel Guide! The capital of nature land.

One of the biggest cities with the largest amount of snow.

Hokkaido is a major and popular destination to travel to, regardless of the nationality. Summertime in Hokkaido is full of green and mountain activities with lower temperature and humidity, while wintertime is full of snow activities. Their snow is very light, which makes Hokkaido a perfect ski and snow resort.

The prefecture’s capital, Sapporo, is the entrance to this nature heaven. This is an article for someone who would like to find a way to travel to Sapporo while ensuring Halal standard.

Where are Halal Restaurants in Sapporo?

Almost all the tourists will be landing at New Chitose Airport. The airport is located about 1 hour away from the city center, however, as we expect Shinkansen bullet train to come shortly to the city, more people will be taking this option.

Sapporo is a big capital with population nearly 2 million. It is said that the city is very rare to have this population, because it is difficult to maintain the function as a big city with this much snow.

JR Sapporo Station

JR Sapporo station is the city center, and many of the Halal restaurants are located around this area. Odori and Susukino are also right next to this area.

Sapporo’s specialty Ramen at Horyu and Ichiryuan are quite famous and popular, a creative tomato and prawn ramen at Fukunoki is also at a walking distance from the station.

Ramen is Hokkaido’s specialty.

Sapporo Beer garden

When hearing Beer Garden, many Muslims would imagine it is the last place to visit in Sapporo. Well, this is actually a place where you have to go!

This is because Beer Garden has a Genghis Khan, Hokkaido style Lamb BBQ, with Halal meat. Sapporo Factory, a mall next to Beer Garden, also has a Halal Indian curry Taj Mahal.

Genghis Khan Lamb BBQ
Genghis Khan uses special hot griddle.


Maruyama is Sapporo’s posh area. The area has Maruyama Zoo and Hokkaido Jingu. The area has nice restaurants and cafes. No “Halal” restaurants in this area, but some vegetarian restaurants such as Aoisora Nagarerukumo and Kawanaka Japanese restaurants.

More details can be found at the below article.

Check the list of all Halal restaurants in Hokkaido.

What are the Halal souvenirs from Hokkaido?

As mentioned in this article, Halal souvenirs available at New Chitose Airport. They are quite famous among tourists from overseas, and many of them are considered as Halal by many Muslims.

Enjoy last minute shopping at New Chitose Airport!

Pringles Hokkaido Butter Soy Sauce Scallop

Did you know all the Pringles sold in Japan are now made in a Halal certified factory in Malaysia? These limited flavors are not Halal-certified, but they are guaranteed made in the factory that handles only Halal ingredients.

Hokkaido Limited edition Butter Soy sauce Scallop is definitely the one that you have to get, it will satisfy someone who has a “savory tooth”.


Any Halal sweets?

Not Halal-certified, but there are some sweets that we can recommend to Muslims.


CHaT is located in Maruyama area, whose specialties are Vegan and Gluten-free sweets. The shop is not alcohol free unfortunately, but they can tell you which one does not contain alcohol.

Their quality is highly appreciated, especially among those who have strong allergy for egg and/or meat. Their products are also available at Mitsukoshi Department store in the city center.

Name: CHaT
Address: 26-4 Nihi 23, Minami 6 jo, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 北海道札幌市中央区南六条西23-4-26
Genre: Vegan/Gluten-free desserts

Sweet Red bean Mochi at Hokkaido Jingu

Hokkaido Jingu is the holiest shrine in Hokkaido. There is a small sweetshop, run by Hokkaido’s super famous sweetshop Rokkatei, just before the entrance gate. Their Red bean Mochi is called Hangan Sama, which means Your Honor.

This sweet is super yummy, with chewy hot Mochi with less sweet red bean paste. As they are located outside of the Shrine, you can enjoy their taste without getting into the religious property. On every 1st of the month and New Year Days, they give this sweet for free.

Name: Hangan Sama
Address: Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, 474 Miyagaoka, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 北海道札幌市中央区宮ヶ丘474 北海道神宮
Genre: Mochi with Sweet red beans
Tel: 0120-12-6666

Enjoy your day in Sapporo!

Sapporo is a big city, but what make it great is that the city is full of nature, too. When you step out of the big streets, you can find so much green, or perhaps white when it is wintertime. You may even encounter a squirrel in the city!

Sapporo can be pretty busy when there is a famous Sapporo Snow Festival, which is going to take place on 4th to 11th February 2024.

It is definitely a great place to enjoy both nature and snow activity, along with Halal and seafood gourmet. We hope you can discover another beauty of Japan!

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