Xifang Vegetarian restaurant in Sapporo

Healthy and Halal Japanese home dish! Xifang in Sapporo is the best choice.

Capital in the northern Japan

Sapporo is the city located in Hokkaido, a region that attracts many tourists. There is great nature in summertime, and snow falls in harsh winter which is also recognized as one of the best quality in the world.

Xifang is a popular vegetarian restaurant located in the suburb area of Sapporo. This restaurant is also a complete Halal restaurant, too! Let’s see why we can say that the restaurant is complete Halal.

Why is the restaurant complete Halal?

As you may know, Japanese daily seasonings such as soy sauce or Miso paste could contain tiny portion of alcohol. Of course, these percentage is quite low and will make no one intoxicated. However, it is totally understandable that this can be a problem for some people who would like to have only Halal food.

This is the reason why vegetarian meal in Japan cannot be a complete Halal meal. So, how is this problem at Xifang?

As we have asked the owner, she told us that they are using only seasonings without alcohol! The restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant, so there is no risk of contamination, too.

This is the reason why we can recommend this restaurant not only for vegetarians but also for Muslims.

What do they offer at Xifang restaurant?

Their concept is Japanese home dishes with lots of vegetables. They are made without herbal vegetables such as garlic and ginger, which is based on Chinese vegetarian.

They have various dishes, but there is a menu that changes depending on the day, which we chose to have.

The plate is full of vegetables. Red, yellow and green vegetables all look brilliant, and makes us hungry.

The plate has tempeh, a kind of fermented food made from soybean, whose texture is very similar to meat. The meat is well seasoned, and makes the plate a very satisfying one, even without meat.

Croquette was also very nice, because it was served fresh. In the very cold climate, freshly fried croquette is something that we all crave for.

Their rice contains lots of grains, and organic coffee was served as a perfect finale.

Detail of the restaurant

As the restaurant has no food delivery service, you have to visit the restaurant physically. They have a take out service available.

Name: Vegetable Lunch Xifang (喜坊)
Genre: Vegetarian Japanese home dishes
Tel: 011-613-3780
Address: 3-1 6 chome, Yamanote 3 jo, Nishiku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 北海道西区山手三条6丁目1-3
Closed on: Sunday and Monday, Irregularly on Tuesday
Opening hours: 11:30-16:00 only lunch available
Budget: About 1500 yen

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