No MSGs! The Halal tomato noodle that makes you healthier in Sapporo, Fukunoki.

Made from only fresh ingredients.

When it comes to think about local specialty in Hokkaido, we always come up with Ramen noodle.  However, the noodle that we can have here in Fukunoki (福の樹) is very unique.

The menu that the owner chef Ms. Kana Obara came up with is a tomato noodle.  The soup of the noodle has lycopene from 3 tomatoes, a kind of nutrition, in just one bowl of noodle and the broth is made from fresh prawns, which adds strong flavor and taste.

All the ingredients she uses in the restaurant are only fresh halal products, but what she is proud of the most is that she never uses MSGs in her food, using the knowledge as a master of Chinese meal-medicine (薬膳).  Her soup will never make people thirsty even after drinking up the whole soup.

Fukunoki in Sapporo

We have interviewed Ms. Obara to know the secret of her noodle.

Why did you start offering Halal foods?

I started offering Muslim friendly menus because I am the one who cannot eat pork or alcohol.  It is not easy for me to use products without MSGs, or to use only fresh products such as vegetables and prawns, but this is why I can offer customers pure Halal menus in our restaurant.

The only meat that I use in my kitchen is halal certified, so that the kitchen itself is “halal only”, which is so rare in Japan.

How is the customers’ reaction?

I have not obtained Halal certificate.  But the number of Muslim customers is on rise thanks to the reputation.

The seats are fully taken during our lunch time.  The comments from my Muslims customers saying they can trust in me because I am the one who cannot eat haram ingredients makes me really happy.

How is the taste of the noodle and how can we arrange the taste?

The taste of the noodle is more like Italian than Japanese, maybe because it has a lot of nutrition from tomatoes.  Adding some shred of cheese can change the taste, too.  You can try some chili noodles if you want a little bit of spice in your noodle or to try Zen noodle if you want it to be gluten free.  Vegan menu is also available.

It is strongly recommended to have some risotto or a baguette to enjoy the remaining soup, because the soup is full of nutrition, which I believe it will make people healthier.

No.1 noodle at Fukunoki, Ebi Jarashi (海老じゃらし) is a must try!
Do you have any message to your customers?

All the Muslim people are so humble and lovely, and every time I welcome them in my restaurant, I feel full of happiness.  I am always waiting for them to come back, and to welcome new visitors.

Ms. Obara succeeded in opening temporal shop in Boston, U.S.A.

Details of the restaurant

Name:Fukunoki (福の樹)
Address:Fukunoki, 1st floor, Minami4jo Uni house, Minami 4jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0061
北海道札幌市中央区南4条西10丁目 南四条ユニハウス1階 福の樹
Closed on:Mondays
Others:Vegan available

Information as of December 2022.
The restaurant is not Halal certified, so there is a small risk of contamination which we cannot be responsible of.