The most accessible Halal Ramen restaurant near JR Sapporo station, Ichiryuan

Tasty, authentic Miso and Salt Ramens are served, just a few minutes away from Sapporo station.

Ichiryuan (一粒庵), a Ramen restaurant that offers Muslim-friendly menu, is located just a stone throw away from Sapporo station.  Miso ramen was first made in Hokkaido, which is Ichiryuan’s specialty, too.  Mr. Oshima, a chef in charge, sticks to the most traditional recipe of the Miso ramen.

Why did you start offering Halal or Muslim-friendly menu?

I expected that there would be more Muslim customers visiting Japan, which was the biggest reason why I have created Muslim-friendly recipe. However, the process of menu-making was not that easy.

What were the challenges in making menus to welcome Muslims?

One of the challenges is that we Japanese Ramen shops often use pork-broth. As they are so much used to the broth made from pork, it was quite difficult for us to make a satisfying one without using pork.

Another challenge is alcoholic beverages. This is because our Japanese customers love to enjoy Ramen along with alcoholics, which has forced us to consider very carefully because it might make some of our Muslim customers uncomfortable.

By carefully considering the solution, we have decided to separate the stowage and kitchen tools for Muslims and non-Muslims to avoid contamination. This way, we can use the ingredients which cannot be Halal while ensuring the quality of Halal meals. For alcoholic beverage, we decided to serve them in the restaurant. This is because we want our Japanese customers to enjoy our meals, too.

What are your concepts in the restaurant?

Ichiryuan has three most important concepts in the restaurant; Locally grown and consumed, a balanced diet leads to a healthy body, and single encounter with people should be highly respected.

Halal or Muslim-friendly Ramens that the restaurant offers are Seasonal Seafood-salted noodle (季節の海鮮しおラーメン), which uses fresh scallops, oysters, prawns and soy milk from Hokkaido. 

Halal Miso Ramen, the most popular menu among Muslims.

Another Halal Ramen is their specialty, Halal Miso Ramen (ハラル味噌ラーメン).  The fact that Miso paste is made from locally grown beans, which are usually imported, proofs his commitment, too.

Vegan menu is also available.

As Ichiryuan is located only 5 minutes away from Sapporo city and its access is very easy, not only Muslims but also many Japanese come to enjoy the meal. We are sure that many people would be satisfied with the taste.

Details of the restaurant

Name:Ichiryuan (一粒庵)
Address:1st Flr., Hokuren Bldg., 1-1 chome, Kita 4 jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0004 北海道札幌市中央区北四条西一丁目1番 ホクレンビル地下1階
Closed on:Irregurarly
Others: Vegan available

Information as of December 2022.
The restaurant is not Halal certified, so that there is a small risk of contamination or ingredients that contain restricted items, which we cannot be responsible of.