New Chitose Airport
Hokkaido prefecture

Finding Halal Souvenirs in New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido

Are there any Halal or Muslim-friendly souvenirs in New Chitose Airport?

For most of the tourists coming to Hokkaido, they may be using New Chitose Airport (CTS), which is about 1 hour away from the capital, Sapporo.  Being a big producer of dairy products and farming products, their souvenirs are widely known and some of them are already exported to foreign countries. 

All the souvenirs nicely displayed in the airport look amazing and you may want to try, however, are these all Halal or Muslim-friendly?

We have visited the airport and investigated what are the Halal or Muslim-friendly souvenirs for Muslims, on your behalf.

We hope that this article can help you find more Halal or Muslim-friendly souvenirs for someone who is waiting for you to bring more attractive products back home, much easier.

List of the Halal and Muslim-friendly products that we can find in New Chitose Airport

So, let’s start from the list of the Halal and Muslim-friendly souvenirs sold in New Chitose Airport.

Name of the brands:

*Available only in Hokkaido
*Kitakaro rice cracker is not Halal or Muslim-friendly, but some of them are No-Pork snack.

None of them are Halal certified, but there are quite many products that do not contain restricted ingredients.  To see the names of these souvenirs and ingredients, please take a look at each page for descriptions.

Where are the souvenir shops & are they Tax-free?

Souvenir shops are on the 2nd floor at Domestic Terminal.  There are more than 30 shops, but as they are next to each other, you would never miss the area.  The selection of the souvenirs is almost the same, except for some of the special local shops.

Unfortunately, they do not have Tax-free shopping in the Domestic Terminal. If you would like to have Tax-free shopping, then it is better wait until you are done with emigration process, though the same selection of the souvenirs is not guaranteed.

How much time do I need to find souvenirs?

New Chitose Airport is huge, especially if you are traveling on International Flights.  It might take about 30 minutes to find and complete shopping, however, if you have enough time, then it could be a great idea to find them in the city.  In Sapporo station or in the city, there are some souvenir shops that sell the same products as in the airport.  The price is the same, too.

Are the products sold in Muslim countries and in Japan exactly the same?

Unfortunately, the answer is No.  Some of the items exported to Muslim countries are Halal-certified, but the ones sold in Japan may not have been produced in the same way, so if you are expecting the same Halal level, please be reminded that the souvenirs that you can get are not exactly the same.

If you would like only Halal-certified items, we would recommend you buy them back home to be on a safer side.

Cautions when buying them as souvenirs.

Some of the souvenirs are sold even in Tokyo or Osaka, like Royce Chocolate. But some of them have their limited edition, which means that you can buy only in Hokkaido, which is usually clearly written on the package.  As some of the souvenirs are so sensitive or fragile, we would recommend you to carefully plan what to buy in Hokkaido.

You may wonder if you can carry sensitive chocolate or cake safely to your country.  From our observation, if you try to avoid extreme heat, then the items are still good to go until you reach your home.  In the shops, they usually sell what is called ice or cooler bag, which can extend few hours, too.

Still, it can be recommended that you put them as cargo or checked-in luggage, as the cargo area is much cooler than the cabin temperature.

Information as of June 2022.
There might be a small change in the production or ingredients, which we can never be responsible.