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VIP Halal Japan Travel Concierge -Custom-made Halal Travel

Once in a lifetime experience, why not leave it to a professional?

Whether you are coming to Japan on Honeymoon or as a family trip, it is a big event that remains in your heart for the rest of your life. Because Japan has different culture and language, it makes things more difficult for many tourists to plan an impeccable itinerary.

Just leave it to professional to make your dream travel come true! As we specialize in Muslim customers, we ensure you have a wonderful stay in Japan while meeting your religious demands.

We promise the best Itinerary planning with all the basic needs for Muslims, even in the countryside!

Check what our customer says about this service.

What is Travel Concierge?

Simply tell us your budget, preference, destination and interests, and we make a custom-made itinerary.

Our service flow
  • Step 1
    Tell us your preference
    • Budget
    • Hotel
    • Destination
    • Excursion
    • Halal meal definition etc.
  • Step 2
    Payment of the Itinerary Planning fee.

    This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
    Price is shown in the below paragraph.

  • Step 3
    Itinerary planning

    We create an itinerary for you, asking your preferences. We will first decide your destinations, hotel, excursions and then sightseeing spots, along with restaurants and prayer room.

    We exchange 30 emails on average to carefully plan your travel.

    Sample of itinerary. We put as many preferences as possible.
  • Step 4
    Detailed Itinerary Making.

    We see transportation, route, entry timing and all other factors to make sure you do not waste your time during your vacation.

    Example of detailed itinerary
  • Step 5
    Final bill settlement

    After the itinerary is completed, we calculate all the fares for your hotel or transportation. After payment is confirmed, we will send you ticket, booking reference or coupon if any.

  • Step 6
    Enjoy your journey.

    What you have to do is just fly in and enjoy your journey. We will assist you throughout your vacation, too.

    We back you up throughout your journey. Concierge and Translator is available on WhatsApp 24/7.

List of available service.

You can literally tell us anything, and we will do our best to make it. The below is the list of our available service.

Hotel / Ryokan consultancy and negotiation to prepare your meal (Muslim-friendly, seafood, vegetarian…)
Transportation arrangement
Making reservation for restaurant, cafe, excursion, theater (Kabuki/Noh etc), amusement park (Disneyland, USJ, Ghibli Park etc)
Luggage delivery
Souvenir arrangement

How much is the service?

The price is determined by number of days and your Travel options.

Itinerary Planning fee

DaysFirst 3 days4 days5 days
Price55,000 yen 66,000 yen77,000 yen
Tax included / price per group.

11,000 yen per day after 6th day. It will be charged per group, regardless of number of travelers.

Travel option (Hotel, excursion, souvenir arrangement, Taxi/Transportation, ticket)

When we make reservation on your behalf, we will charge 10% on your bill as a service fee. For example, when we arrange USJ Ticket (10,300 yen), then we will charge you 11,330 yen instead of 10,300 yen.

We will check if there is any better rate for travel agency, but you can make a booking by yourself, too.

Express fee

If your journey is starting within 3 weeks, we will be charging extra 33,000 yen plus deposit money. Deposit money will be paid for your hotel, transportation or excursion, but they are refundable if not used. Rememeber, this deposit money will be used for cancellation fee if any.

Guide/Escort (minimum 3 hours)

5,500 yen hour + Their transportation, ticket and accommodation if any.
More detail available at the page below:

Kitchen utensils

In case you would like to use Halal Kitchen Utensils, we have it ready for you.
16,500 yen and this utensil requires no return.

Luggage Delivery

To be paid to the shipment company, directly by you. We plan when/where to ship the luggage, and prepare luggage tags in Japanese.

However, please be reminded that the luggage should be shipped under your responsibility, and in case of late/no delivery, we can not be responsible for the case.


Are you trustable?

We understand your concern. In Japan, it is mandatory to obtain a certificate from a government to run a travel agency, including Itinerary Planning.

Our company is officially certified by Hokkaido Governor with registration number 3-838, which means your right as a traveler is protected by the deposited money kept in Japanese tourism department.

In other words, we see some companies without this certificate, which is totally illegal, resulting your right being not protected. Avoid these companies to be on a safer side.

When should we start?

Please allow at least 1 month to plan your itinerary. As Japan is welcoming so many guests from overseas, there is a case where we cannot make reservation for your hotels, excursion, transportation and so on. If you have less than a month, consult us first.

What is the budget for Japan travel?

It depends on your Hotel and Transportation. Please see the below chart as a reference.

3 star hotel (business hotel)4 star hotel5 star hotel (Hilton, Marriot)Food in the restauranttransportationmuseum/temple/shrine
12,000 yen20,000 yen30,000 yen2,000~10,000 yen1 hour taxi charter for 10,000 yen 500~3000 yen
Per room / person

Is there anything you cannot guarantee?

We ask customer to prepare JR Pass in case you would like to buy one.
Ticket from airport after your arrival to city also to be bought by you.
We cannot prepare meals for someone who has allergy.
We will do all the possible arrangement, but there is a case the item/product/seat is already sold out or not satisfactory, especially in a countryside or we have a short period of time for preparation as choices are very limited.
There is a case where we have to ask you to buy Halal food from convenience store, Lunchbox delivery, non-Japanese Halal restaurant or vegetarian meal to prioritize Halal status.
Although we carefully check the business hours in planning, restaurant/museums/theme parks can be closed without any prior notification, which is out of our control.
We cannot guarantee you what is out of our control, like weather/climate/nature/traffic and so on.

Can we take your service straight away?

To ensure attentive service to every customer, we can arrange only up to 3 customers at a time. In this case, we will ask you to be waitlisted, or if your journey is imminent, we may decline.

Is there difference between your Golden Route Package and Planning?

Yes, as Golden Route Package is already prepared by us, we cannot customize the route, hotel, or number of travel days. If you are simply looking for Halal Travel Package in major cities, then taking this package will be more budget friendly.

How do you ensure Halal meal in a countryside?

We will negotiate with the local restaurant to make it Muslim-friendly. If this is not possible, we will arrange Halal Lunchbox delivery, non-Japanese Halal restaurants or vegetarian restaurants.

I am worried if I can travel only with this paper itinerary.

We understand your concern. In this case, we strongly recommend you to travel with our Escort/Guide.

How does luggage shipment work?

Traveling light is quite important. We arrange your luggage to be delivered to your location, like hotel or Airport. This service needs minimum 2-3 days.

I will stay for 2 weeks, but how do you determine the price for Itinerary Planning?

The price is determined depending on the number of your days that you would like us to make a plan for. If you want to have a Break day, going to an amusement park that does not require itinerary or just moving to airport, it can be excluded from these days.

In which language do you offer the service?

We offer this service in English, Arabic, French and Indonesian. All the staffs speak English so the communication is faster, but if you have anything you would like to tell us in your language, feel free to send us email in the listed language.

Travel Plan

VIP Halal Japan Travel Concierge -Custom-made Halal Travel

55,000 yen~
Itinerary Planning
English, Arabic, Indonesian, Malay
Physical requirement