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How can Muslims enjoy Kimono experience comfortably?

Can Muslims also enjoy Kimono? Absolutely!

If you are planning to visit a city with old and traditional buildings and check a SNS, you will find so many tourists wearing Kimono, a Japanese traditional cloth, and walking around the city. It is absolutely beautiful and attractive, and for someone who likes to take a photograph especially, it is one of the top things that they want to do.

However, as a Muslim, there could be many concerns with regards to the procedure of wearing Kimono, because it is required to take off their own cloth and have someone to wear it. By reading this article, you will know the way to enjoy the Kimono experience more comfortably!

Tell us about the procedure of Kimono experience.

Although the procedure can be different depends on the shop, it is always made super easy. Most of them would understand English, as they have so many foreign tourists using the service.

  1. Make a reservation.
  2. Visit the shop and choose which Kimono you like.
  3. Wear Kimono.
  4. Hair set if you want.
  5. Choose your sandals and bag.
  6. Photo shooting
  7. Free time
  8. Return to the shop

The price is around 5,000 yen, depends on the Kimono or hair set. During holidays, there is additional charge on this price. The whole process will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What are the things Muslims should know?

There are some suggestions we can make for our Muslim readers.

Do we have to get fully naked in front of a dresser?

Kimono also has an underwear. The shop may have this underwear included in their Kimono experience plan, and they will let you use a room to get changed into this underwear. Though you do not have to be fully naked, the underwear may be not that thick, so it is better to ask for a dresser of the same gender.

Can we wear Hijab while wearing Kimono?

Yes, you can. Please ask the shop if they can do, just to be on a safer side. Also, it is important to let them know that you want to keep your Hijab on, because most of the Kimono experience has a Hair set service, and the price may be cheaper if you do not use this service.

Can we have a lady dresser?

In most of the cases, a person who get you dressed is a lady. As a Muslima, there is no concern for this problem. The problem is that there are not so many Male dressers. If you are a gentleman and you want your dresser to be a male, we will recommend you try your best to do research and clearly ask the shop to ensure your request.

Does Kimono fully cover the body?

For ladies, it can be a concern if Kimono fully covers your skin. Japanese traditional Kimono for ladies has a wide opening around the neck to show their nape of the neck. In this way, Kimono looks much better, and someone even says that this is where they can show their technique. However, this is probably what make Muslimas not comfortable, so as mentioned, we recommend you have your Hijab on to cover your neck, too.

Around the neck is widely opened.

I am very tall, can I still try Kimono?

Kimono also has a size, so you have to make sure that they have a large size that fits your body. Usually, they have large-size Kimono for the person whose height is around 190cm, 6′ 2″. Even though you are taller, you can still try though it looks a bit shorter.

The experience you can do only in Japan!

Wearing a Kimono and walk in a traditional town is definitely worth trying, though you have so many concerns for the experience. Authentic and traditional Kimono is very heavy and requires so much energy, but the Kimono for tourists is made very light and easy, so you do not have to worry about this.

We hope more Muslims can find it very easy and enjoy the experience more comfortably!