Halal Swiss Roll cake from Fukuoka, Tsumande Goran!

A cake only using the very best ingredients.

Itoshima is a city located next to Kyushu’s capital Fukuoka. As this place is located in a Quasi National Park of Genkai (玄海国定公園), people can enjoy a magnificent view of beautiful coastline while driving. The area is also a perfect place for someone who wants to enjoy gourmet, because their rich nature has nurtured great ingredients from ocean and farm.

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Tsumande Goran (つまんでご卵) is a name of “Egg” brand famous in Itoshima. A Swiss Roll made from their egg is so fluffy and yummy, and most importantly it has no haram ingredients, which is the reason why all Muslim travelers to Fukuoka have to try one.

Credit: Tsumande Goran website

What is special about the eggs?

Tsumande Goran is a famous egg producer. Actually, the name indicates how special their egg is. Their name can be translated as “Why don’t you pick the egg up?”? Yes, the egg is super fresh and nutritious, so that everyone can pick the egg up with their fingers!

Credit: https://goran.jp/category_egg.html#about_goran

This picture shows how you can pick up their egg yolk with your two fingers. By separating egg white with five fingers, then put it on a plate once again. Then you are ready to pick only the yolk up with two fingers!

Why is this possible? This is because the hen that lay this brand egg is grown in a large farm where there is nothing that makes them stressed. They can freely walk or fly. Their food is made from natural rice from Fukuoka and soybean meal, as they want to feed the hen only with what they can trust. This is how they can make nutritious and strong egg, just like we can see from the picture.

Tell us about their Swiss Roll.

Although Japan is not a country that produces much wheat, there is one farm that cultivates wheat close to the farm. The amount of the wheat is not always stable and can be scarce, however, the quality is amazing. Along with sugar, syrup, honey and their special egg, they came to a conclusion that they have to make Swiss Roll that surprises everyone.

Their cake is rather very simple, because they want to use only natural to make a perfect organic product. The product is only using Made-in-Japan products such as sugar and flour, and they do not add any food additive or preserve. They do not even use flavoring, because their strong and fresh egg yolk releases natural and sweet flavor when baked. Most of the Swiss Rolls in Japan could contain liquor for their flavoring in their cream, so that we can say a Swiss Roll from Tsumande Goran is a very rare product that Muslims can enjoy.

Ingredients: Egg, Cream from Hokkaido, Sugar from Kagoshima, Flour from Fukuoka, Granulated Sugar from Hokkaido
Price: 1,950 yen for 18cm
Expiry date: 2 weeks in freezer

Credit: https://goran.jp/SHOP/01.html

Where can we buy the product?

The product can be bought and enjoyed in their cake shop, or through website only. The item will be shipped frozen which can be kept in the freezer for 2 weeks. By defrosting the item in the fridge for about 10 hours, the cake is ready to be served.

Name: Tsumande Goran Cake Factory (つまんでご卵 ケーキ工房)
Address: 4767 Shima Sakurai, Itoshima, Fukuoka 819-1304 福岡県糸島市島桜井5234-1
Tel: 092-327-5850
Opening hours: 10:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Closed on: Tuesdays

The cake is only using fresh ingredients and has no food additives, which makes it difficult for tourists to bring back as a souvenir. However, when visiting Fukuoka, this is definitely a place you have to pay a visit.

The product is not made as Halal or Muslim-friendly, so there is a small risk of contamination, which we cannot be responsible of.  We are not judging if the product is Halal or not, use your discretion.