Kobe Halal Travel Guide! Reasons why the city is the most Muslim-friendly in Japan.

City of Beef, Kobe.

Kobe is a city in Kansai region, with only half an hour away by train from Osaka. The access is super easy, and because of their unique buildings built by first group of foreigners, Kobe is chosen as a half day get away destination by tourists.

The city also means a lot for Muslims, too. This is because the very first Mosque in Japan was built in this city in 1935. In other words, we can say that this is the birthplace where tie between Japan and Muslims started.

Where are Halal restaurants available in the city?

The city center of Kobe is called Sannomiya, where most of the Halal restaurants are located. There is also JR Kobe station, but it is 15 minutes away from city center, so when you plan your itinerary, please make sure you are choosing a right direction.

Also, if you are using Shinkansen, you will arrive at Shin Kobe station, which is one stop away from Sannomiya station. There is basically nothing around the station, so head to Sannomiya if you are looking for Halal restaurants and groceries.

Around Kobe Mosque

Kobe mosque is located 10 minutes away from Sannomiya station. There are so many Halal restaurants and grocery shops around this area, so our recommendation is to go and pray in the mosque, and then find your favorite restaurants.

Most of these Halal restaurants are Indian/Pakistani/Turkish.

Kobe Shawarma

The most reasonable way to get Halal snack! Kobe Shawarma offers great quality Kebab at the lowest price. Right next to Kobe mosque.

Naan Inn

Also located right in front of the mosque. The restaurant has huge variety of Indian/Pakistani dishes, and the portion is quite big and satisfying.

Grocery Shops

Luckily, we have so many imported Halal groceries around the mosque, too. Although most of them are seasonings or requires cooking, it is always good to know where to reach Halal items.

Sannomiya station

If you would like to reach Halal Japanese food, then this is the place where you have to head to. Kobe is famous for tender and juicy Kobe beef, so it will be a great experience to try as a local cuisine.

Some of them have Halal certificate, but unfortunately they can be more expensive than normal beef as Halal beef is very limited.

Check our list of all Halal restaurants in Hyogo.

BUMBU Kitchen is a good choice if you want to try authentic and Halal Indonesian cuisine at Sannomiya station.

What are the Halal souvenirs from Kobe?

Kobe has many delicious western sweets. As of January 2024, there is no Kobe original Halal certified souvenir, but we have some Muslim-friendly sweets that we can suggest you.

Kobe Franz

Kobe Franz has sweets, but their signature dried strawberry with chocolate coating is free from animal-derived ingredients! Their strawberries are dried as it is, so the size of the chocolate is big enough. They are nicely presented in a vivid red color box, which is the reason why it can be great as a souvenir.

There are some flavors available, such as plain, white and Matcha green tea. They are available at major souvenir shops and airports.

Credit: https://www.frantz.jp/fs/frantz/wd-03


Juchheim is a famous confectionery company, originally from Kobe. Now this confectionery brand has succeeded in removing all the food additives, which means they are free from ingredients derived from animal, such as margarine or emulsifier. Although we still have to check on the usage of alcohol, but we have confirmed there are several items that have no alcohol.

Their products are also available in major department stores. Learn what is more safe from the below article.

Enjoy your day in Kobe!

Access to Kobe is pretty easy from Osaka and Himeji, another Japanese UNESCO site with white castle, so paying a visit to this city is pretty good idea. The city is not as crowded as other cities like Kyoto or Osaka, so if you would like to have a relaxed day this city is quite recommendable.

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