Naan In

Naan In Halal restaurant in front of Kobe Mosque.

History of Kobe Mosque and the surrounding area.

Although the percentage of the Muslim in Japan is not that as high as other countries, the history itself is not that short. The oldest mosque was built in 1935 in Kobe by Turkish, Tatar and Indians who lived in the city. As explained in the article of Hyogo, Kobe was the city developed as an international city and there was the largest number of foreigners.

Even now, the mosque is a rock for Muslims who live in Japan. It is not only mosque itself but also the surrounding area. As is often the case, there are many grocery stores that sell Halal imported food and Halal restaurants, which attracts many Muslims.

Naan In is an Indian restaurant which is located right in front of the mosque, and they are serving Halal menus.

Menu at Naan In.

The restaurant is serving Indian and Pakistani cuisine, and their menu is full of variety.

Their Special Lunch Set B is very reasonable and of good value: The set menu has Salad, Naan bread, rice, curry of your choice and a glass of drink. This menu is only available during lunch time for 1,400 yen.

How is their food?

The restaurant is run by Pakistani and Indian owner and staffs, so that the quality of the food is authentic Indian / Pakistani food.

The salad had a Samosa which is a typical Indian appetiser. To follow, there are 3 types of curry from which we can choose: Seafood, Vegetable and Chicken. We chose chicken as a main dish.

The curry is not as thick or oily as we had imagined, actually the taste is milder and not too heavy. There were huge Naan bread and a portion of rice, which was our surprise.

There also was a glass of drink included in the set menu: Chai, Coca Cola, Lassie and Mango juice, which can be a light desert to finish. The menu had enough portion, and it was a great quality.

Overall experience.

The restaurant is run by Pakistani and Indian staffs, who are also Muslims. This is the reason why the restaurant can be a strong recommendation for Muslim travelers who would like to find Halal food in Japan. They are very friendly, and the service was great, too.

Details of the restaurant

Name: Naan In
Address: 1st Flr., Taniguchi Bldg., Yamamoto Dori, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 兵庫県神戸市中央区山本通3-1-2 谷口ビル1階
Genre: Indian / Pakistani
Tel: 078-242-8771
Closed on: Mondays