Newly opened Ramen restaurant Gyumon, Asakusa! Luxurious Halal ramen experience.

Okinawa World is a must-visit place because they have everything, including Halal food at Nantoya!

Halal and vegan noodle available at Fukuzenji Soba, Hida Takayama! Enjoy your food in a great ambiance.

The only Halal-certified hotel in Okinawa, Yugafuin!

No MSGs! The Halal tomato noodle that makes you healthier in Sapporo, Fukunoki.

Real Turkish Halal food in Sapporo, Lale warms up your heart.

The most accessible Halal Ramen restaurant near JR Sapporo station, Ichiryuan

The most renown Halal Tofu course served in Nagoya, Tofu Kaiseki Kusumura

Halal-certified restaurant in Nagoya, Happy Karaage 178!

Halal beef steak course is now available for Muslims in Naha city!

The most authentic Halal Japanese Restaurant in Nago, Okinawa. Kappo Yamabuki