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Halal beef steak course is now available for Muslims in Naha city!

Convenient in access and of great value, Pacific Hotel Okinawa, offers Muslim menu!

Pacific Hotel Okinawa is located only 10 minutes away from both Naha Airport and major touristic spots by monorail train. It is a hotel with 383 rooms in total, which represents Naha city. There are 4 categories for the rooms; Premium, Deluxe, Superior and Comfort to meet the demand from every single customer.

As the hotel that welcomed huge number of customers from foreign countries, Pacific Hotel Okinawa has prepared Halal meal for Muslim customers, with 2 weeks prior reservation. Mr. Kayo, who is in charge of the kitchen, and Mr. Mahoe, executive chef, has answered our questions.

Why did you start offering Halal meals?

We are quite a big hotel in Naha city, and we had so many opportunities to welcome customer who are traveling in a big group. To meet the demand from these customers, we have started Halal and Muslim-friendly services.

What kind of menu are you offering to customers?

We offer “Beef steak course” at the restaurant called Garden Restaurant Ryutan (竜潭). It is served in Western style, and the menu consists of appetizer and soup, bread, beef steak as a main course and seasonal fruits as a dessert.

We heard that the Muslim customers who visited Japan have no choice but to choose seafood, because there are not so many restaurants that use Halal meat. Looking at this fact, we have decided to offer Beef Steak for our Muslim-friendly menu.

It is true that Muslims choose more seafood than meat in Japan, because there is almost no restaurant where customer can eat Halal meat. What was the hardest thing in preparing Halal menu?

In the strictest rule, the Halal kitchen has to be separated from normal kitchen that handles pork or alcohol, but it was quite difficult for a hotel. We are such a huge hotel, so that the situation was even harder, because number of the kitchen tools or food items are much more than that of small hotels.

Considering this fact, we have decided to offer only one menu for Muslims, because the operation is much easier, and the risk of contamination can be minimized.

It is a good idea to offer only one menu. We tend to think that more menus are better, but we have to think about the cost of the restaurant first, and the way to solve the problem.

We are sure that the most important thing is that all customers have something they can enjoy at the restaurant. In order to achieve this, we need to consider how us hotels can sustain and ensure the quality of the food we are offering.

Could you give a message to your Muslim customers?

We have a course menu ready for you, which you can enjoy without being worried. We are all looking forward to welcoming you.

Hotel details

Name:Pacific Hotel Okinawa, Ryutan Restaurant (パシフィックホテル沖縄 レストラン竜潭)
Address: Pacific Hotel Okinawa 1-6-3, Nishi, Naha city, Okinawa 900-0036 沖縄県那覇市西3-6-1 パシフィックホテル沖縄
Others:Beef Steak course, 2 weeks prior reservation required

Information as of December 2022.
The hotel is not halal certified, but it is offering Muslim-friendly menu.
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